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Here are some of the stories from people who have come through our Ibogaine treatment program.

Ibogaine Treatment Reviews – January 2020

Asher T

“I want to take the time to leave a Very Positive experience I had at Aeden’s clinic in Mexico about 4 months ago. My name is Paul T. I live in Los Angeles. I did ibogaine detox at a different clinic in Cancun 2 times prior and relapsed almost immediately. Long story short—not all Ibogaine clinics are the same. Experience Ibogaine was 1,000 times more professional than the other clinic. They gave me more medicine, better overall care, and a positive environment. Thank you and your awesome staff, Aeden. I’ve been 100% clean since treatment. You guys are awesome!”

Alexander H.

“By far the most unique and amazing experience of my life. Met really cool people. Saved my life and cured my opiate addiction by eating African root bark extract. Absolutely zero withdrawals. There’s just no other place like this in the world. Certainly not in the United States where all they offer is prison or Suboxone/Methadone. It’s truly a godsend for those who followed the rabbit hole all the way down to hell. Because this is the way out. Six days off opiatesoff opiates and I’m doing backflips instead of living in a bathtub wanting to die.
“This place has all the amenities you could possibly want and the personal chef is ON POINT!
“Thank you Dr Paul and all the nurses and staff. You really have something special.”

Aaron G.

“An incredible experience with superb hospitality that goes way beyond your expectations. Remarkable staff that goes out of their way to ensure your stay is comfortable and your every need is tended to in such a genuine fashion. I can only compare it to like being at home, if not much better. Unlike any clinic or detox setting, more like a resort or cruise vacation. The food, weather, and friendly atmosphere is worth it alone, not to mention the most healing treatment you could ever find or even imagine possible.”

Donna S.

“If you love someone who needs help, please send them here. When a person has been in and out of rehab and returns to the same thing, it’s time to stop and send them to Experience Ibogaine. This is where you’ll end the addiction. I have 100% faith in the process and the care that’s given. Rehabs do work for some and not for others. This is personally known. I couldn’t be more grateful for Aeden and this facility. Thank you very much!!”

Ibogaine Treatment Review – July 2018

From: D. Sweet – July 13, 2018
“Dear Aeden,

“Sorry it took so long to get this back to you. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and what you do! Trust is very difficult for me, and it struck me odd that the first time I spoke with you, I immediately trusted you. That speaks volumes! The first phone call I had with you, I had absolutely no reservations on the care my son would have. Absolutely none.

“Our family, as you know, has dealt with rehab facilities over and over again. Each and every ending was the same. Seemingly good for a short period of time and then relapse. I had a totally different feeling after speaking with you on the difference your facility would make in getting my son’s life back. As I had told you earlier, you were the first and only call I made in checking on ibogaine facilities. That was the impact you had.

“As you know, I was in contact every day with my son. Your staff was incredible. They went above and beyond to make sure he was comfortable. I am hoping you can post this because every single person who has a loved one needs to do this for them. I honestly felt before he came to Experience Ibogaine that his life was always going to be nothing but rehab and relapse, as it has been for the last few years.

“Experience Ibogaine was absolutely life changing! It has been a couple of months now and the difference in his and our life is absolutely amazing. We absolutely cannot thank you enough. Thank you so very much again!

“With sincerest gratitude,
“D. and family”

Ariana R. – Ibogaine Treatment Reviews and Testimonial

“There are no words to describe how my stay at Experience Ibogaine has helped me. Before I went there I was a complete addict who couldn’t even go a few hours without using heroin. I had tried everything between going to traditional rehabs, detoxes, and even left the country but nothing helped—as soon as I got out I was right back to where I had left off.

“I found out about ibogaine through my mother who did research and convinced me to go. At first I was skeptical about it, but I decided to give it a try anyways and I don’t regret my decision one bit. As soon as I arrived to the treatment center the staff immediately made me feel comfortable like I was at home, the chef asked me what I would like to eat right away and started cooking for me, and I even got my very own room, which was really nice.

“The view outside the house was beautiful and I honestly felt like I was at a luxury resort. On the second day of being there I took the ibogaine. The nurses did their job extremely well and were very caring and helpful the entire time. The ibogaine for me was a life changing experience. It helped me realize some very important things, such as why I use drugs, and it showed me the way my actions affected the people who love and care about me.

“I can truly say from the bottom of my heart that ever since my stay there I feel like a brand new person. This is the most helpful thing I have ever come across and I absolutely encourage anybody who is struggling with addiction to give it a try because it will change your life.”

-Ariana R.

Deborah M

“I never thought I would be able overcome my prescription drug addiction, because I couldn’t tolerate the withdrawal sickness.

“The staff, the atmosphere, the love and nurturing spirit of the clinic, and the entire team made all the difference.

“The main thing was that I never once experienced withdrawal sickness, and the entire stay I was treated like I was at a five-star hotel. No better place to go. Don’t put this off. If you want help, Experience Ibogaine is the place to go.”

Joel L.

“Before I tried Ibogaine, I had completely given up hope of ever getting clean. I had tried 12-step programs and rehabs and I was never able to stay clean more than a week on my own.

“After 10 years of drug abuse I began to accept that I would live the last days of my very short life addicted to opiates.

“When I heard about ibogaine, I decided that very second that I was going to try it. I went home, researched, and next thing I knew I was on a plane to Mexico. I quickly learned that the clinic wasn’t only about the ibogaine. The entire staff treated me as an individual, a person—not an addict.

“Immediately after treatment I could tell something had changed. My mind wasn’t racing, thinking about my next fix anymore. Actually, I wasn’t thinking about drugs at all.

“The cravings and addict mentality seemed almost like a faint memory or a bad dream. For the next few months I was able to live a craving-free life and I took this time to work on myself trying to build a wall between me and my addiction.

“I am very thankful to have found Experience Ibogaine and to have had the courage to travel and try something new and completely foreign to me. If I hadn’t found ibogaine I highly doubt I would be here today.”

Laura M.

“You know you’re desperate when you put your only child on a plane and allow her to fly from NY to San Diego to meet a man you’ve never met. A man who promised to drive her across the US/Mexico border and take care of her. “What have I done?” I asked myself repeatedly as I waved goodbye to my daughter. I was a desperate mom.

“I had no choice. My daughter was dying and Heroin was killing her. I had to save her. I was pacing for hours. The flight seemed like an eternity. I was so relieved to hear Aeden’s voice when he told me she was safe. They were on their way to Mexico!

“I took a deep breath and then I just cried. My daughter wasn’t easy. She was an addict. She had addict behaviors.

“Aeden was a professional. He understands addiction very well. He made sure she was stable. He made sure she was safe and never allowed her to run out, as she had done so many times before.

“When treatment was over, my daughter called me and sounded as docile as a mouse. There was a clarity to her voice I hadn’t heard in many years. She said she was tired. She said she loved me. She said she was sorry. A few days later Aeden drove her to her new sober home. She was NOW away from her old playground and old playmates.

“She had no withdrawals or cravings. Without these awful and usual side effects my daughter was clear headed and started therapy and participating in meetings and other activities the sober home offered. The road to recovery hasn’t been easy, as ibogaine is NOT a cure. She still had to do the hard work and is STILL working hard. BUT, ibogaine gave her a chance. It has given my daughter and my family hope. Aeden is still in contact with my family and with my daughter. He’s truly a caring and compassionate young man.”

Dmitry V.

“To those who want to get their life back Experience Ibogaine iis the right place for you. I’m living proof of it, and so is my friend who went with me. The staff are really caring and nice, and everything is done professionally. I highly recommend anyone who has been suffering with addiction to give this a try.”