Can Ibogaine Cure Nicotine Addiction?

Addiction treatment for nicotine dependence can be very similar to addiction treatment for heroin, especially when you take advantage of the Experience Ibogaine treatment program. There are two different ways that the Ibogaine program helps cure nicotine addiction, and both can be essential to recovering from your dependence on nicotine.

The first way that Ibogaine helps the addict is by restoring the damage done to the brain during the period of dependence. The second way is through the personal encounter and self-evaluation which a person undergoes during the psychedelic component of Ibogaine treatment. Both are essential steps toward total recovery, and if both are conscientiously undertaken, Ibogaine can help cure nicotine addiction.

Restoring Brain Damage

While a person is addicted to any substance, the brain is being bombarded by a flood of chemicals which is far more than the body produces naturally. To accommodate this massive influx of chemicals, the brain alters its own operation and works differently, in response to the overwhelming supply of chemicals which are hitting receptors in the brain. When the addict undergoes Ibogaine Detox, those receptors in the brain are repaired and restored to their pre-addiction state so they can function normally again.

Usually, when anyone suddenly cuts off the supply of drugs and chemicals to the brain, the body can’t handle it and goes through a period of withdrawal, which includes some very nasty symptoms that can be almost debilitating in severity. Under the Ibogaine program, this doesn’t happen, because as soon as Ibogaine begins to be administered, the healing process starts up, and the withdrawal symptoms are primarily bypassed. Not only does your brain become restored, but you don’t have to go through a long, painful withdrawal process to overcome your addiction.


One of the effects of Ibogaine program is that the addict will undergo an experience something like a psychedelic encounter with himself/herself, which can end up being very beneficial. Many recovering addicts have found that this experience helps them in a significant way to confront the mistakes of their past and to have a better understanding of what led to their addiction in the first place. Armed with this understanding, the same kinds of triggers and pitfalls can be avoided in the future. By understanding the truth about your life, you become much better equipped to face the problems which caused you to become dependent, and this helps you to avoid walking down the same path again.

Experience Ibogaine

There are several Ibogaine treatment programs which you might avail yourself of, but the best of them all is Experience Ibogaine, where we place a heavy emphasis on safe treatment, modern equipment, and a highly experienced staff to conduct the program. Our perfect safety record speaks for itself, as does the fact that we have treated more patients than any other Ibogaine program in the world.

With more than 50 years of combined experience in Ibogaine Detox treatment, our staff members are the most knowledgeable and qualified anywhere, and all of them have strong medical backgrounds. Here, you’ll be supported in a very small treatment group, to ensure that you get lots of personal attention and that your individual needs are being served. With safety and security uppermost in the minds of all staff members, you literally could not choose a better facility to undergo your Ibogaine treatment at.