Staying Off Drugs this New Year

Nothing symbolizes change and a fresh start more than the New Year. It’s the time of year countless people make resolutions, vowing to do things differently than they did the year before. New Year’s Day is the day where people say they’ll finally find the motivation to make those positive changes. New Year’s is also the day where many addicts look to make a fresh start by making the decision to quit using drugs or alcohol.

Anyone who’s ever made plans to change their life when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, however, knows that making New Year’s resolutions and sticking to them is an entirely different story. For those who want to get off drugs or alcohol, the New Year might seem like the perfect time to do it. But, as many addicts have learned, it’s much easier said than done.

The decision to quit doing drugs or alcohol is awesome, but it isn’t easy. If you’ve made it your resolution for the New Year, congratulations. You’ve taken the first step, and it’s one of the biggest steps you’ll make in your life. The next step is to stick with that resolution. It’s possible. The following tips will help you stick to your resolution so you can make this coming year the one that will positively change your life.

4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution to Stay Sober

  1. Quit New Year’s Eve or December 30th

New Year’s Eve is a big deal. And many people use it as an excuse to have one last hurrah before getting sober. If you’re serious about staying sober, however, you really don’t need that extra night to party. Quit a day or two before and you’ll increase your chances for success more than you would if you partied on New Year’s Eve.

  1. Go in With a Positive Attitude

Sticking to your New Year’s resolution to get clean is more than just quitting drugs or alcohol. You’ve got to go in it with the attitude that you’re doing something that will positively affect your life. You’re freeing yourself from addiction. That’s a huge deal. You’re not giving up anything, and shouldn’t see your decision to quit as giving something up. See it instead as something that’s increasing the quality of your life and giving you the freedom you deserve.

  1. Seek Support

Any time someone decides to get sober (New Year’s or not), seeking support is crucial for success. If you’ve tried to quit using in the past, only to end up relapsing, it might be hard to tell the one’s you love that you’ve decided to get sober for the New Year. The last thing you want to do, however, is keep your decision a secret. Whether you’re getting the support you need from family and friends, or attending meetings or therapy, you’re much more likely to succeed if you’ve got someone to talk to about it.

  1. Consider Taking Ibogaine

The decision to get treatment isn’t easy. There comes a time in an addict’s life where they know they can’t continue to live the way they are. If you’ve tried quitting in the past without success, deciding to get treatment could be the best decision you make all year. Taking Ibogaine as a New Year’s resolution won’t just help you overcome addiction, it will help you completely reset your life. As the perfect catalyst for the change you seek, treatment with Ibogaine offers the fresh start addicts need. And it’s shown to be more successful than the traditional treatments most people use for drug and alcohol addiction.

Deciding to stay off drugs or alcohol in the New Year is something to be celebrated. Rather than making resolutions you know you won’t keep (we all do it), make sobriety the only thing you focus on. And make sure to plan ahead. Don’t decide to quit doing drugs at a party on New Year’s Eve. It just won’t work.

Make it real. Use strategies for success and you can make this your best year yet. Look into treatment, educate yourself, and find a detox that works for you. If you’ve tried 12-step programs in the past and they didn’t work, don’t make that a reason not to try again. Also, take the time to find new alternatives. Make this the year you truly change.

It’s totally possible to stick with your decision to get sober. And the New Year does offer the perfect time for change. Make just one resolution this New Year’s and make it count. Do what it takes to stick to your resolution to quit drugs or alcohol this year, and let this be the year of your new life.