Can Ibogaine Cure Alcoholism?

Addiction treatment with Ibogaine can definitely help to cure alcoholism, but it will depend mainly on the individual, and how much effort he/she puts into the recovery program. An Ibogaine program of treatment cannot be administered until normal functionality has been restored to the liver, and someone who has abused alcohol for years will require a period of adjustment before the proper enzyme levels are achieved by the liver. Since both alcohol and Ibogaine are metabolized by the same liver enzymes, the appropriate levels of enzymes must be present before it is safe to administer Ibogaine to a recovering alcoholic.

The length of time it takes for someone with low levels of liver enzymes to reach a normal state will generally depend on how long the person was using alcohol, their age, and their general state of health. Anyone who undergoes recovery at the Ibogaine treatment center called Experience Ibogaine is given a liver enzyme test before any kind of treatment begins, so a baseline can be obtained, and so that it is known whether it is safe to proceed with Ibogaine treatment. Liver functionality is crucial to recovery from alcoholism, and that is why great precautions are taken at Experience Ibogaine to ensure that a patient is actually prepared to undergo recovery treatment.

Prospects For A Complete Cure

There is no treatment program anywhere which will completely cure an addict unless that person puts forth the effort to stay away from the triggers which led to addiction in the first place. Even so, the cravings which accompany addiction may not stop for a very long time after undergoing treatment, and that is why it is crucial to be armed with an after-treatment program which will provide you with the necessary tools to give you a better chance at staying drug-free.

Everyone who goes through our Ibogaine program at Experience Ibogaine is strongly encouraged to attend an Aftercare facility, or possibly a traditional rehab facility, to reinforce the lessons learned while with us, and to keep the good work going forward. Every patient who graduates from the Experience Ibogaine program will leave with a full plan in place on how to stay unbeaten at avoiding drug usage in the real world. This makes it much more likely that a patient will remain drug-free for an extended period, giving them a chance to break free of addiction forever.

Cure Rates with Ibogaine  

With the slight disclaimer that ‘cure’ in this context means remaining free of drug use for at least 30 days following the completion of a treatment program, you might be amazed to learn that most traditional rehab centers can only accurately claim about a 10% cure rate for their clients. This means only about 1 out of every 10 successfully completed the recovery program and remained free of drug usage for at least 30 days following the program.

In a study conducted by research center MAPS, patients treated at Experience Ibogaine were found to have completed the program and stayed drug-free at a rate of 75%, which is obviously far higher than the success rates which can be claimed by traditional centers. The choice should be clear based on these statistics – Ibogaine treatment center is much more likely to provide you with your best chance of recovering from addiction.