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Suboxone is one of a handful of drugs which is sometimes prescribed to opioid addicts as a means of curing their addiction. The problem is that for many people, this amounts to just trading one addiction for another, and the patient still feels awful and out of touch with the rest of the world. There is a good reason behind this, which is the fact that Suboxone lingers in the body for a very long time, and it continues to act on the brain while it is present. So how can ibogaine interrupt this powerful hold that Suboxone has on the brain, and help to cure an addict?

The Experience Ibogaine Approach

At Experience Ibogaine, our medical team understands the fact that Suboxone has a very long half-life, and that more of the drug continues to be released into the body for a much longer time than short-acting opiates. While Suboxone is present in the body, it acts as a blocker and occupies sensors in the brain, so that no other drug will be effective. In one sense that is good news, because it completely blocks the effects that opiates and other drugs might have on the brain, and in truth, that is why it is often used to counteract addictive drugs in the first place.

However, because Suboxone does block these receptors in the brain, it also inhibits Ibogaine from doing its great work of healing damaged brain cells and helping to cure the addict. So there is really no getting around it – Suboxone must be eliminated from the body, for Ibogaine to work its miraculous effects on the brain. At Experience Ibogaine, this is the approach which is taken when a patient wishes to be free of Suboxone. In a carefully supervised program, Suboxone is gradually eliminated from the system, and this can take anywhere from 30 to 60 days, or even longer.

Once the Suboxone has been removed from the brain receptors, Ibogaine can again be used to effectively and can help the patient recover completely from the effects of addiction. Each patient is treated according to their own specific circumstances and their individual needs, by a medical team which has been hand-picked to include the most excellent Ibogaine practitioners in the country. The facility itself is very conducive to recovery, with a pleasant and comfortable setting, which is designed to promote healing and recovery for participants.

Ibogaine therapy can be an effective means of treatment to free patients from Suboxone dependence but it can only be effective after complete removal of Suboxone from the system. That is why the focus of addiction treatment at Experience Ibogaine requires that Suboxone be eliminated from the body so that the Ibogaine itself can reset damaged brain cells, and help patients get back in touch with the beautiful world all around them.

Are you ready to beat your addiction to Suboxone?

If you are ready to reclaim your life and finally banish Suboxone from your body, your best option may be to contact Experience Ibogaine. At this Ibogaine treatment center, you will have private accommodations in a clean environment, and you will receive the best possible medical care for addiction. The most experienced medical staff in the country will supervise your treatment program, so you have the best chance of breaking free from your Suboxone usage, and resuming a normal life.