How Does Ibogaine Cure Addiction?

An Ibogaine program of treatment can have a significant impact on helping someone to become drug-free, and the way that Ibogaine works in your system will be different for each different type of addiction. For instance, someone who is addicted to heroin or short-acting opiates will find that an Ibogaine treatment center will be very effective at treating these kinds of addictions because these drugs do not adhere to receptors in the brain. That means that Ibogaine is free to operate without interference from these drugs because there are no blockers to prevent Ibogaine’s operation on the brain receptors.

Long-acting opiates such as methadone or suboxone require a bit more caution when being treated with Ibogaine because they do adhere to the brain receptors which Ibogaine tries to heal. For Ibogaine to be effective at helping to cure these addictions, the substances must be removed from the body before Ibogaine can even be administered. With those kinds of drugs blocking the receptors, Ibogaine cannot do its work and is prevented from restoring the receptors to their pre-addiction state. It is often necessary to allow weeks to pass so that long-acting opiates can be eliminated from the body, before giving Ibogaine to a patient.

Other Powerful Drugs

Besides the drugs mentioned above, other powerful drugs can successfully be treated with Ibogaine, provided that they are first eliminated from the system so that Ibogaine has a legitimate chance to be effective at healing damaged receptors in the brain. Tobacco, alcohol, crack, cocaine, and methamphetamines can all be recovered from by administering Ibogaine, because it can stimulate the production of natural chemicals in the body, and because it can also have a therapeutic effect on the brain.

There are two main ways that an Ibogaine program will help a recovering addict who has been locked into dependence on some kind of substance. The first involves a type of refreshment and restoration of the brain’s chemistry and all the pathways used to communicate with the rest of the body. Ibogaine can actually heal these damaged brain receptors and pathways, and help restore them to the way they were before the onset of addiction. Because it treats the underlying cause of addiction rather than the symptoms, Ibogaine can be much more effective at achieving a long-lasting solution to addiction. The second way Ibogaine helps is by facilitating a kind of psychoactive self-evaluation that is often ideal for helping someone confront the reality of their lives, and the mistakes they’ve made in the past.

Experience Ibogaine

At Experience Ibogaine, one of the world’s premier Ibogaine treatment centers, considerable emphasis is placed on recovery and detoxification. The expert medical staff guides patients through treatment activities such as mild physical exercise, sauna, and a greater reliance on a healthy diet as a means of rapid recovery and wellness. As a result, patients leave the center feeling rested and relaxed, and much more positive about the future than most of them have felt in years.

All patients leave Experience Ibogaine with a solid plan for Aftercare, and the knowledge of what they must do to remain drug-free and to continue to function normally within society. In effect then, Ibogaine treatment at Experience Ibogaine involves two major components: the actual treatment and detoxification process itself, and the plan for Aftercare which helps keep patients on track following treatment. The first few weeks after treatment are extremely critical to the long-term success of patients, and that’s why Experience Ibogaine goes to great lengths to ensure that all patients are prepared for what follows.