Is Ibogaine Effective for Suboxone Dependence?

We can cut right to the chase, and say in the most resounding way possible – yes, Ibogaine is effective in treating suboxone dependence. In fact, it may even be the single most effective program of treatment available to suboxone users. It is a science-based option which operates on the underlying causes of suboxone dependence, rather than on any wishful thinking or positive approach to recovery. Many of the traditional clinics where suboxone dependence might be treated really just use the same methods they would use for treating alcoholism, or addiction to heavy narcotics, and this fails to address the real scientific circumstances which cause addiction in the first place.

How Ibogaine Therapy is Different  

Suboxone is one of those drugs which is used by clinics and medical professionals to help treat patients who are addicted to opioids or other drugs. However, using suboxone is itself addictive, so it is fair to say that the treatment merely involves trading one addiction for another because the user ends up becoming dependent on suboxone usage. Suboxone is a drug which remains in the body for a very long time, as opposed to something like heroin, which might be eliminated within seven days or so.

The problem with having suboxone in the body for so long is that it operates just like other addictive drugs in that it binds itself to receptors in the brain. While it does that, it blocks any other beneficial medication from reaching those receptors. To truly address the issues of suboxone dependence, it must be eliminated entirely from the body, and from the brain. Even Ibogaine cannot help an individual who is still using suboxone, but once that suboxone has been eliminated from the body, Ibogaine can become the most effective healing agent available anywhere.

During Ibogaine treatment, Ibogaine binds itself to the brain’s receptors and begins to heal those which were damaged during the addiction process. Neurons associated with those receptors are also repaired, and once this occurs, the brain’s receptors are restored to their pre-addiction status and are healthy and clear once again. At Experience Ibogaine, the first step toward achieving independence from suboxone will be to flush that addictive substance from the body and then begin a healing program of Ibogaine therapy.

Why Experience Ibogaine is so Successful

Experience Ibogaine has managed to achieve a very high rate of success, far superior to the track records of most clinics because it focuses on a client-centric approach and because it features Ibogaine treatment as a central component of its addiction treatment process. All patients are given personal attention, with a doctor-to-patient ratio of no more than one to two or one to three. Surroundings are immaculate and ideal for recovery, with each patient having the privacy of individual accommodations.

The medical team at Experience Ibogaine is the finest in the country, with the foremost authorities in the world on Ibogaine on staff. Every case is personally reviewed and overseen by an Ibogaine expert, and every individual is progressed at their own speed, to ensure the most positive results. At the Ibogaine treatment center of it all, however, is the modern miracle of Ibogaine, which is the only science-based, effective treatment of the actual causes for addiction, instead of just a medication to treat symptoms of addiction.