What is the Best Opiate Addiction Treatment?

It was not very long ago that the United States government declared the opioid epidemic as a national emergency, and that should give you some indication of just how serious the overuse of opioids has come to be in this country. Even so, it has not really brought about any significant change in governmental policy, in terms of dealing with the crisis. Rather than attempting to address the real underlying causes of opioid addiction, most government agencies seem to be focusing on blaming the individuals who provide the drugs and blaming the individuals who use the drugs.

However, in most cases, it is not really fair to blame individuals using the drugs, because the opiates were prescribed for them to use by a competent physician. In more than half the cases of individuals who eventually became addicted to opiates, their addiction started out as a one-month prescription provided by a qualified physician.

With continued usage, however, opioids become powerfully addictive, and the individual simply cannot break that addiction on their own. What makes the matter even worse, is that traditional clinics and addiction centers have an unbelievably low rate of success in treating such addicts. This should make it clear that a new, science-based alternative is called for in the treatment of opioid addiction, and that alternative is Ibogaine.

How Opioid Addiction Starts

When an individual becomes addicted to opioids, a massive amount of chemicals which are natural to the body, are being supplied to the brain and its receptors. As this regular supply of increased chemicals becomes the norm, an even more significant amount of those chemicals are necessary for an individual to feel the same kind of high. Eventually, massive amounts of those chemicals are needed just to feel normal, and it becomes literally impossible for an individual to withdraw to normal levels of those chemical substances on their own.

Most traditional rehabilitation centers adopt the same approach to opiate addiction treatment as they would to treating alcoholics or narcotics addicts, which is to prescribe medication that attempts to sweat out the chemicals or to keep the individuals sedated. Neither of these two approaches accomplish any lasting beneficial effect, and in many cases, the medications provided are just other opiates which prolong the addiction. It has been estimated that the approach used in such cases has only a 10% basis in actual science, and this accounts for the staggeringly low success rate.

How Experience Ibogaine Treatment is Different

At Experience Ibogaine treatment center, the approach is science-based, and altogether different from the traditional clinical methods. Having conducted extensive research into how Ibogaine works in the brain, practitioners at this facility understand how Ibogaine treatment can be used to achieve long-lasting, effective results. Once Ibogaine is ingested, it attaches itself to those same receptors in the brain, and heals them, along with the associated neurons which have been damaged by opioid usage.

In effect, these sensors and neurons then become reset back to their pre-addiction condition, and that gives the individual a real chance at recovery. Using Ibogaine also bypasses all of the harsh and nasty withdrawal symptoms an individual might typically have to go through, on the road to recovery. Studies have shown that withdrawal symptoms are reduced between 80% and 100% by using Ibogaine and that the healing process occurs in a matter of days and weeks rather than months or years.

The reason Ibogaine has achieved so many complete successes in addiction treatment is that it is 100% science-based, and treats the underlying causes of addiction, rather than addressing the symptoms presented by addiction.