The Ibogaine Experience – From Beginning to End

Known to be an excellent treatment for even the most serious cases of addiction, Ibogaine is truly unlike any other addiction treatment available. It has shown unprecedented results in helping people to overcome both the physical and psychological components of addiction and does so in an extremely unique way.

Ibogaine is one of the strongest psychedelics known and having an understanding of this before going into treatment is a good idea. While an experience with Ibogaine is different for each person that takes it (it tends to be highly personalized for each person’s unique psychological make-up), it is still a substance that will ultimately change your perception of the world around you.

The Ibogaine Trip

The entire experience of Ibogaine lasts approximately 24 hours with the strongest portion in the first 8-12 hours. During this time, patients are awake (yet in a perpetual state of “dream like” vision) almost the entire time.

Ibogaine begins to take effect approximately an hour after administration. Here you are likely to feel ataxia (the loss of full control of bodily movements) set in, as well as a feeling of an “out of body” sensation. Many people also experience a mild to intense buzzing sound as well. Nausea is also typical for the first couple hours after beginning treatment.

At first, Ibogaine works deep within the biological make-up of the mind. Ibogaine floods neurotransmitters and different receptor sites in the brain with the Ibogaine alkaloid. This is where brain chemistry is “reset” and when physical dependency is mitigated.

After the flood of alkaloids, visual stimuli becomes heavy and the intensity begins. It’s common to see past memories that you’ve forgotten pass through the mind almost like a slideshow. Many have compared the psychedelic experience of Ibogaine to a “waking dream state” where everything makes sense, but doesn’t make any sense at the same time.

Patients often uncover the reasons (through their experience) that they’ve been led to their present addicted state of mind. This can prove to be an extremely insightful time, yet doesn’t happen in the “typical” way one usually receives insight. The hallucinatory nature of Ibogaine can be very strong and are what ultimately guide one to realize the nature of their addiction and perception of the reality around them.

After the Initial Trip

About 8-12 hours after it is initially taken, patients are guided (through the urging of Ibogaine itself) to work through the emotions and visions that were uncovered during the hallucinatory period. During this time ataxia dwindles and you will begin to come back to your body.

Here the Ibogaine allows people to not only identify with what was uncovered during their experience, but also helps them to gain fuller understanding of exactly why they experienced. The final hours of Ibogaine treatment are known to be extremely introspective. It is here where people are able to finally shed their past for good, forgive themselves and others, and, hopefully, move into a future of unlimited potential.

Because of the nature of the plant, the length of time it stays in one’s system, and the fact that the individual is awake for up to 24 hours during treatment, the comedown from Ibogaine can make people feel sad, irritable, and weak. These feelings usually go away after getting some sleep, but it’s important during this time to not let fear or misunderstanding take over. Sleep will help and, afterwards, most patients feel cleansed on an emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual level.

Understanding Ibogaine and the nature of the way it works on the human mind and body is important. If someone has never taken psychedelics before, it’s difficult to gauge what the experience will be like. Even for those who have experience taking psychedelics, a trip with Ibogaine is unlike anything you’ve ever taken before.

Because Ibogaine is illegal and banned in the US, traveling to Mexico or Canada to receive treatment has become norm for those wishing to receive this powerful treatment. There are also various treatment centers throughout Central and South America as well. Taking Ibogaine on one’s own is NOT recommended and even dangerous, even if there are numerous “underground” treatment options available in the US.

Ibogaine is going to be decidedly different for each person that takes it, but there is a general experience that everyone undergoes. Ibogaine has the ability to not only help with addiction, but has the potential to help you reset your entire outlook on life. The world around you becomes more vivid as you take in a refreshed reality that comes from a true cleansing of the soul.