Setting an Intention Before Psychedelic Healing

While psychedelic healing hasn’t exactly gone mainstream, more people are interested in safe healing with Ibogaine and other psychedelics than ever before. From those traveling to the jungles of the Amazon to take Ayahuasca, to those crossing borders to address their addiction with Ibogaine, healing with psychedelic plant medicine has become more popular amongst those interested in alternative modalities of healing mind, body, and soul.

The revelations a person receives when healing with psychedelics can be unprecedented. These substances are powerful and have been used as serious conduits for change for centuries. When taking psychedelics for personal growth and healing, setting an intention is one of the most important things someone can do. Psychedelic substances can offer some of the most profound revelations, but only if a person is ready to receive them. If not, a psychedelic healing experience simply turns into a “fun time” that eventually fades from memory.

For those who wish to receive insight and gain lasting positive change from their psychedelic experience, setting an intention beforehand can prove to be life-changing. It is important going into the experience to be somewhat aware of how you will integrate it into your life after it is over. When a person goes into their experience with focused intent, what they bring out of it can be extremely significant.

How to Set an Intention When Taking Psychedelic Medicine

The intention you set for your psychedelic journey should be something close to your heart, what you wish to gain from the experience. Whether taking Ibogaine to end an addiction or going to a Peyote ceremony in the southwestern desert, your intention should be tied to what you want to gain from the experience. Some questions to ask yourself before setting an intention might include:

  • What would I like to let go of that no longer serves me?
  • How can I use this experience for my greatest good?
  • What fears would I like to let go of for good?
  • Who are the people I would like to forgive?
  • In what areas can I forgive myself?
  • What do I want my future to look like?

Start thinking about your intention a few days to a week before you know you will be taking this psychedelic journey. As you begin to explore your personal reasons for healing, you’ll want to become as specific as possible when setting your final intention. When you discover the intention behind your healing, let it resonate with you deeply. Psychedelics are powerful medicine and can offer you what’s best for your spiritual, mental, and emotional release. When you go in with a clear idea of what you would like to gain, the results you receive can be extremely powerful.

Psychedelic Medicine Offers Powerful Change

Whether you would like to kick an addiction for good, let go of deep seeded trauma, discover your true purpose in life, overcome depression, or end a lifelong battle with anxiety, psychedelics can help you get there. It’s important when going in, however, that you know exactly what you’d like to acquire from the experience.

Most psychedelic medicine works deep within a person’s psyche, uncovering parts of themselves they never knew existed. It’s sufficed to say that what a person will experience when taking psychedelics, is far from what they expect when going into it. Having an intention set beforehand can be a welcomed relief when the unexpected arises during your trip (which it most likely will). Your intention can serve as a guide during your experience, anchoring you to what is most important for your own personal evolution.

Reflecting on Your Intention When the Experience is Over

When the experience is over, coming back to your intention can help you better gauge what you’ve learned from it. Your intention can serve to help you further understand the insights you gained through the experience, and what lessons you can now bring to your conscious reality. The intention you set going into the psychedelic experience can offer an excellent reference point for reflection after the journey is over.

Healing with psychedelics can be one of the most enlightening experiences a person can have, if they choose to take it as such. It can also become just another “experience” if a person doesn’t go into it with the intention of healing. If you are considering taking psychedelics to heal, it’s important to set an intention to do so.

In the end, however, a person will only change as much as they are truly willing and ready to. Psychedelics can be a catalyst for change, but true change will come from within the individual. In the weeks following a psychedelic experience, revisiting one’s intention, and what was uncovered in the psychedelic journey, can assist in helping them realize what was intended in the first place. Psychedelic healing can be one of the most transformative experiences a person will face in their lifetime. Accepting what this sacred medicine is here to offer can invoke some of the most powerful change imagined.