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Heroin use disorder, or heroin addiction, is quickly becoming the most common substance use disorder in the United States. Although many factors contribute to the number of heroin dependencies, experts believe the main reason for such high dependency statistics is simply easy access and availability of the drug.

And, although government agencies continue to roll out campaign after campaign in an effort to curb the number of heroin dependencies in the country, they’re simply failing.

As the government spends taxpayer money in an effort to reduce the amount of heroin and other illicit drugs on the street, addicts are often left to find their own treatment avenues or face the possibility of jail time.

However, treatment centers aren’t much more appealing, with some of them being only a few steps away from being considered a prison. And, according to statistics, treatment centers in the U.S. are often ineffective.

Thus, heroin addiction continues to grow and addicts are left with few options.

However, there are non-traditional methods that have been shown to be effective. One of these treatments, utilizing a psychedelic drug called ibogaine, can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, heroin withdrawal symptoms with one treatment.

Yet, because of legality issues, many are travelling to Mexico or other countries outside the U.S. to get this novel treatment for heroin addiction.

Ibogaine will give you the window for success, and we will give you the tools for recovery.

How Heroin Affects the Brain

Heroin is an opiate based drug that has been synthesized down, like morphine, into a much stronger substance than can be harvested naturally from the opium poppy. Because of its high potency, heroin is extremely addictive.

Heroin works directly on the opiate receptors in the brain. When the user begins taking heroin, they feel an immense and immediate reduction in pain and a spike in the pleasure center of the brain which produces a high.

As the user continues to put heroin in their system, the brain quickly becomes addicted to the drug. This can happen very quickly because of the potency of heroin. When the user tries to stop, the body and brain cannot naturally produce the amount of chemicals that the user has been putting into their system.

This causes severe withdrawal symptoms. These can sometimes be moderate, however, for most users, heroin withdrawal is severe.

Pain, fever, chills, aches, vomiting, cold and hot sweats–these are all typical symptoms caused from heroin withdrawal. Because of these withdrawal symptoms–which can last for days, weeks, and sometimes even months–it can be extremely difficult for a heroin addict to stop using heroin on their own.

And what’s worse, most treatment options for heroin use disorder do not rely on any specialized drugs or medicines to help reduce or eliminate the heroin cravings and withdrawal symptoms–leaving heroin addicts in something like a lock down while the body naturally detoxes the drug out–often painfully.

But this approach has been very ineffective. As statistics have shown, treatment programs like traditional methods, NA, and other non-science based paradigms simply do not work for a very high percentage of those struggling with heroin addiction.

But there are solutions which are much more effective.

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Ibogaine Treatment for Heroin Withdrawals

Ibogaine HCL (hydrochloride) is an extracted and purified medicine that comes from the root bark of the iboga plant–a plant naturally occurring in Africa.

Ibogaine workson the same receptors that opiates, like heroin, operate on–which makes it so effective for treating heroin addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

While targeting the opiate receptors in the brain, Ibogaine is able to reduce, or even eliminate, the withdrawal symptoms for heroin addiction by resetting these receptors back to their pre-addicted state. This helps the addict get a much needed head start on their path towards freedom from heroin addiction.

This makes the process of overcoming heroin addiction much more manageable, and offers a higher success rate for those dealing with heroin addiction–especially when coupled with effective aftercare options.

For those struggling with heroin addiction, there is no treatment for addiction like Ibogaine. When done in the proper medical setting Ibogaine is safe, effective, and can help the addict find the necessary change they need for positive progress in moving forward in their lives–free from heroin.

Effective Aftercare for Heroin Treatment

Although Ibogaine itself can be effective, it is best viewed as a detox. Ibogaine treatment programs last, usually, five to 10 days at the most.

This may be enough time for the body to recover from the treatment, however, many of the underlying issues that caused the addiction in the first place often still go untreated.

An effective aftercare plan, involving an inpatient after-Ibogaine facility, can be the difference between an Ibogaine treatment that may help and a long-term recovery that will last.

Aftercare is effective because it couples time together with social exploration, therapy, and self-discovery in a new environment.

Overcoming addiction is not about getting off drugs, it’s about changing your life for the better. Call now to learn more about how Ibogaine treatment can help you overcome your heroin addiction.

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