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At Experience Ibogaine treatment centers we put our focus on having a safe, medically supervised, and affordable Ibogaine treatment that works. Many of us have been addicts in the past and have found new life with Ibogaine.

We offer Ibogaine treatment in Mexico, just across the border, in a gated community to make sure that our patients have the most comfortable Ibogaine experience.


medically supervised ibogaine treatment


We have a medical staff with doctors and nurses on staff 24/7 throughout every Ibogaine treatment that we perform. We have the highest doctor to patient ratios in the world.

affordable ibogaine treatment


At Experience Ibogaine we offer an affordable Ibogaine treatment. We don’t believe in shelling out a fortune to change your life. We offer the same high-end treatment at affordable prices.

best ibogaine treatment


Experience Ibogaine is located near the beach and close to fun tourist areas. Our patients have fun while they take time to absorb the new life that Ibogaine treatment has given them.

100 percent safety record


Our doctors have a 100% safety record. We have a thorough prescreening process and are dedicated to making sure we live up to the reputation our doctors have earned.

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Ibogaine Addresses the Root of the Problem

ibogaine targets physical addiction

Ibogaine Targets
Physical Addiction

Ibogaine works in the brain to reset the areas associated with addiction. Ibogaine “interrupts” the addiction while also helping to heal the neurotransmitters in the brain. This is why Ibogaine is so powerful for those with strong addictions like heroin. Ibogaine eliminates months of withdrawal in about a 12-hour period.

ibogaine offers spiritual and mental healing

Ibogaine Offers Spiritual
and Mental Healing

Many individuals are looking for freedom from depression and anxiety. Ibogaine treatment can help those struggling with these issues find mental clarity and a refreshing new mentality. Like other psychedelics, Ibogaine has been shown to calm overactive brain functionality, the root cause of depression and anxiety.

ibogaine targets trauma and ptsd

Ibogaine Targets
Trauma and PTSD

Ibogaine is such a powerful medicine for those who are suffering from trauma and PTSD. Ibogaine helps by targeting past traumas and helping the individual address these experiences with a more open and accepting mindset. Traditional methods mask the issue, Ibogaine addresses it.

What Addictions Does Ibogaine Treat?

Although Ibogaine is almost specifically designed to offer treatment for opiate addictions (such as heroin, prescription pills, and other opiates), Ibogaine treatment can offer hope for anyone suffering with strong addictions. We have successfully treated over 1,000 patients with various addictions. Many of our patients come with multiple addictions and Ibogaine treatment is effective for all of them including…

Prescription Pills

Ibogaine works because it targets the part of the brain associated with addiction while also often giving the user an experience that helps them deal with the mental and spiritual issues at the core.

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Our Ibogaine clinic offers private rooms, a pool and spa, a personal chef, multiple enterainment options, beach excursions, top-of-the-line medical care, tourist attractions, dining rooms, private bathrooms and showers, and much more all inside a secure gated community in Rosarito, Mexico. We want your Ibogaine treatment experience to be successful and fun as you discover the new you.


Why Choose Experience Ibogaine?

At Experience Ibogaine, we offer an affordable Ibogaine treatment right across the US border. Our facility is always staffed with a nurse in a medically equipped facility. Professionally trained medical doctors are on staff during every Ibogaine treatment from beginning to end.

Unlike other Iboga centers that offer more shamanic experiences, we want to offer Ibogaine treatment to those looking to get clean in a safe, medical environment. Iboga is different from Ibogaine, and it may sound confusing, but Ibogaine is extracted from Iboga to give the addict a more pure experience without the risk and complication that can be associated with natural Iboga. We use only pure Ibogaine hydrochloride for all of our Ibogaine treatments because it is much safer and much more predictable.

Other providers are also located much farther away from the USA (places such as Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Costa Rica, Etc.). However, we are right across the Mexico border, about 20 minutes past Tijuana into Baja Mexico, located close to Beachfront property. We do this in order to keep the cost down, and make it easier for US citizens to find Ibogaine treatment without needing a passport.

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“After Ibogaine treatment I don’t think about the high, I don’t even want to say the name of the drug.”

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“I go from doing 2 grams of heroin a day to waking up feeling great! I have no withdrawals whatsoever!”

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“I feel really good right now. I can’t explain it. I should be in massive withdrawal right now.”

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“I feel refreshed after the Ibogaine. It feels like a fresh start. New. It makes you face alot of your problems.”

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