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The reason ibogaine is effective in treating depression is the same reason it’s so good at managing drug addiction—it goes right to the root of the problem in the brain and restores normal brain function. While it cannot be stated that ibogaine will help all patients suffering from depression, using ibogaine can significantly improve a person’s mental health situation.

Some patients will benefit by using Ibogaine in the treatment of depression, and some will experience no benefit at all. The information below will differentiate between these two situations and profile the situations where ibogaine can be used effectively.

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Causes of Depression

Treating mental health disorders can be extremely difficult and complicated since any specific mental health issue can be triggered by vastly different problems occurring within the brain or by events particular to a person’s life. In effect, there are generally two primary causes of mental health disorders— trauma and interrupted brain function.

There can be physical issues associated with improper brain function—for instance, neurological issues or some chemical imbalance that causes the manifestation of different behaviors in a patient. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common manifestations of this kind of chemical imbalance or neurological issue.

Ibogaine for Depression

The other primary cause of a mental health issue is trauma that was not properly dealt with in a person’s past. Ibogaine can be effective for a person suffering from neurological issues or chemical imbalances rather than with some form of past trauma.

Since ibogaine is good at facilitating a reset of the neurological circuitry, it can be quite effective at restoring normal brain functions by healing the brain itself. Whenever there’s a match between the area where a mental health problem exists and the target areas of the brain where ibogaine is most effective, ibogaine can have a high success rate in helping an individual recover.

How Healing Occurs

Generally, when a person takes ibogaine, he or she will be induced in a psychedelic experience that lasts between 8 and 12 hours, and it’s during this period that healing occurs. Many people who have undergone this psychedelic experience have been confronted with issues from their past and are provided with an opportunity to deal with them more positively. When this happens, patients achieve the kind of breakthroughs that usually take years of conventional therapy to complete.

Statistics show that about 75 percent of patients who take ibogaine will experience this kind of psychedelic event and have a chance at a breakthrough. While it’s possible that patients who are troubled by a traumatic event from their past may receive significant help from ibogaine, the truth is that there’s only a 50-50 possibility. The people with the best chance of receiving significant assistance from ibogaine depression treatment are those who have a physical disorder associated with brain function. This is because ibogaine is much more effective at treating physical disorders due to the way it works.

Conventional therapy can be an ongoing cycle for years for individuals with depression or anxiety issues. It’s definitely worth your while to consider ibogaine treatment to resolve your depression issues. It may have no effect at all, or it may allow you to achieve a breakthrough and become completely whole again. As with any form of treatment, you should research what’s involved and how Ibogaine works, before making any decision on whether to pursue it as a form of treatment for your mental health issues.

Be aware that in some cases ibogaine can exacerbate mental issues further. Those who haven’t taken a psychedelic in their past may be a higher risk

The real advantage of choosing Ibogaine as a depression treatment is the clinical setting. At Experience Ibogaine, an individual can be more comfortable because medical professionals and nurses will always be around to help. The luxury rooms and facilities provide an environment suitable for patient recovery.

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