Struggling with drug addiction or any type of addictive habit can be challenging. It is hard to know which direction to go for help. 

Experience Ibogaine treatment centers offer an alternative to conventional therapeutic approaches where individuals can overcome their addictions in a peaceful therapeutic environment that nurtures them physically and mentally. Their treatment centers have made long term freedom from drug addiction a reality for many individuals through Ibogaine detoxification–a program that focuses on repair and restoration of the brain.

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The Ibogaine Detox Success Rate

Conventional treatment centers are still more common than Ibogaine clinics. However, the true testament to the success of Ibogaine detox is its ability to restore damaged areas of the brain. It also eliminates, or dramatically decreases, withdrawal symptoms. These may be some of the reasons why Ibogaine detox might be considered a leg up when compared to conventional treatment methods. Many conventional therapeutic centers cannot handle severe withdrawal symptoms effectively. Research also indicates that Ibogaine detox is effective and has continued to gain popularity and notoriety because of its many benefits. After Ibogaine detox, according to one study, fifty-five percent of the patients reported diminished withdrawal symptoms after thirty hours of therapy. A second study indicated that seventy-seven percent of all patients reported diminished withdrawal symptoms after Ibogaine detox. 

Other considerations

Fifty percent of the participants in the first study used methadone, which may have affected how much relief Ibogaine could provide from withdrawal symptoms. Methadone is an opiate blocker that affects Ibogaine’s ability to work within the body. As a result, it was confirmed that Ibogaine is not an effective treatment for long-acting opiates or blockers like methadone or suboxone. Ibogaine is best used with short-acting opiates and heroin because they do not stick and interfere with the brain’s receptors. This is what makes Ibogaine effective at treating the physical effects of addiction as the fast-acting opiate leaves the body. Common fast-acting opiates include:

  • Dilaudid
  • Demerol
  • Percocet
  • Codeine
  • OxyContin
  • Most opiate-based medications

Treatments in an Ibogaine clinic provide individuals with an opportunity to free themselves from many different addictions without the painful withdrawal symptoms that often accompany overcoming addiction. There are treatment centers operating in twelve different countries and provide individuals with a serene therapeutic environment in combination with the Ibogaine detox program. Ibogaine detox has helped individuals escape many harsh addictions ranging from opiate addiction to physical brain disorders, and much more. Ibogaine has also been used to treat anxiety and depression, as well as anorexia and bulimia. Individuals are pre-screened before therapy to ensure that they are a good fit for Ibogaine detox. Once the pre-screening process has taken place, individuals receive supervised medical treatment from doctors and nurses. Each treatment is customized to fit the individual and their particular addiction.

Ibogaine treatment centers can help individuals break free from the strongholds of addiction. The benefits of Ibogaine as an alternative treatment is recognized in many different countries. There are many Ibogaine treatment centers located all over the world. Individuals can feel comfortable addressing their addiction issues in a therapeutic environment designed to create ease and relaxation while going through Ibogaine detox. The success of Ibogaine is based heavily on the individual and their unique situation. However, many people have found help and relief with the assistance of our Ibogaine treatment centers. Ibogaine presents individuals with an alternative experience that can ease the pain and discomfort of withdrawal symptoms and help restore the brain’s circuitry. Many people have been able to walk away from their addictions wholly or for extended periods. Ibogaine detox has made overcoming severe addictions attainable for many. 

Experience Ibogaine Detox

At Experience Ibogaine, our patients are important to us. This is why every Ibogaine treatment is supervised by the world’s most experienced Ibogaine practitioner, Dr. Paul Casillas to ensure all procedures and protocols are followed by his team of well-trained and experienced medical staff. We follow a proven and safe inpatient treatment and aftercare programs that are aligned with our comprehensive detox programs.

The detox program at Experience Ibogaine provides patients with the highest level of safety, comfort and clinically supervised therapies to help them overcome the struggles of addiction, anxiety and depression. Our Ibogaine detox program can help restore a patient’s physical and emotional well-being in order to get back on their feet and start a new life. 

Individuals can experience the wellness and peace of a therapeutic environment, in an Experience Ibogaine clinic. Our location offers a spa or resort-like amenities which add to the entire wellness experience. Healthy food, as well as a serene, peaceful environment, are part of the healing process.

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