Our renowned Ibogaine treatment program at Experience Ibogaine, sets us apart from other Ibogaine clinics.  Our program emphasizes safe and medically supervised Ibogaine treatment. Dr. Paul Casillas developed this treatment program based on protocols already created and tested by Ibogaine pioneers like ICEERS and MAPS. We are furnished with top-of-the-line medical equipment and supervised by a medical team with over 50 years of combined experience with Ibogaine.

This is the Experience Ibogaine difference. This is why Experience Ibogaine has a perfect medical record. 

Experience Ibogaine helps more struggling addicts, than any other Ibogaine treatment center in the world.

Our Medical Team – Most Experienced Ibogaine Treatment Team in the World

At Experience Ibogaine, we pride ourselves in having the most reliable medical team in the industry. Our Ibogaine treatment program is about keeping patients safe. This is why we have handpicked our medical team- a team of leading doctors and nurses with decades of experience in hospitals and ER rooms.

Dr. Paul Casillas is one of the most recognized emergency room doctors in the country. With years of experience, Dr. Casillas continues to work in the emergency room to keep his skills at the highest level. He has helped treat thousands of patients with Ibogaine and continues to do so with a perfect safety record.

“Experience Ibogaine only chooses team members that have strong medical backgrounds, and have been proven in their respective fields.”

Dr. Casillas personally oversees every Ibogaine treatment administered at Experience Ibogaine. He wants to keep every therapy as safe and successful as possible.This  makes our treatment program so successful when compared to other Ibogaine clinics.

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Small Ibogaine Treatment Groups – Highest Doctor to Patient Ratio

Most Ibogaine clinics treat five or more patients at a time. Experience Ibogaine, on the other hand, continues to lead the industry by treating small groups of patients at a time. Juggling multiple patients can be dangerous, and this is why at Experience Ibogaine, we only treat 2-3 patients per treatment.

By keeping treatment groups small, patients are given more attention, time, and monitoring than they would receive at any other Ibogaine clinic. It helps patients feel safe, comfortable, and more positive. Thus, creating an environment where patients have an increased likelihood of a positive and fulfilling Ibogaine treatment experience.

Also, by treating patients in small groups, Experience Ibogaine can have the highest doctor to patient ratio among any other clinic during the Ibogaine treatment phase. It helps ensure a higher level of safety and security for every patient that chooses Experience Ibogaine.

“No other treatment center offers the same level of professionalism and medical attention that patients receive at Experience Ibogaine.”

We want each patient to have the Ibogaine treatment experience they deserve. No other treatment center offers the same level of professionalism and medical attention that patients receive at Experience Ibogaine.

Experience Ibogaine Treatment Centers – Perfect Safety Record

Our dedicated focus on safety has earned Experience Ibogaine a perfect safety record. Ibogaine can be dangerous, even with complete medical attention. However, our medical team and their dedication, being the best in the business, has kept Experience Ibogaine from having any serious medical complications to date. We aim high and continue to push our medical team to keep our safety record 100% perfect.

  • Top-of-the-Line Medical Equipment

Although our medical team is the center of our treatment program, they wouldn’t be able to perform their jobs successfully without top-of-the-line medical equipment. At Experience Ibogaine, we pay attention to every detail, which means constant monitoring, testing, and even replacing equipment if necessary.

We do all that we can to keep our medical equipment in tip-top shape. This not only allows our medical team to perform their job well, but it also helps patients feel more confident about personally being cared for.

  • Comfortable, Clean, and Private Setting for Ibogaine Treatment

Although a complete medical focus is the most critical aspect of Ibogaine treatment, having a healthy, private setting for recovery makes all the difference.

“We aim to have the highest overall success rate of any Ibogaine clinic in the world and, so far, we have been fortunate to be able to achieve this goal.”

At Experience Ibogaine, we take privacy seriously. Our facility is located in a safe, gated community. Patients have their private rooms to spend time. And our facilities are always kept clean.

This can make a huge difference in how patients feel during and after their Ibogaine treatment. We aim to have the highest overall success rate of any Ibogaine clinic in the world and, so far, we have been fortunate to be able to achieve this goal.

  • Sauna and Health Food Detox for a Better Ibogaine Treatment Recovery

At Experience Ibogaine, we put an emphasis on recovery and detoxification. We have our own tested and perfected treatment plan for helping patients recover faster from the Ibogaine treatment process–and it works. With a process that involves detoxifying sauna time, health food, and mild physical exercise, we have helped patients return home with more energy and positivity than ever before.

This makes a huge difference in recovery. We want patients to leave our clinic feeling confident, rested, and ready to take on the world. With a proper post-Ibogaine detox, patients are more likely to succeed long-term and increase the likelihood they will stay sober indefinitely.

  • Aftercare Planning and Coaching

Before leaving Experience Ibogaine, patients must have a solid plan in place that they will return home with. Of course, the more time a patient stays away from their home environment, the higher their success rate will be–which means attending an Aftercare facility, traditional rehab facility, or getting involved with programs such as Wwoof after Ibogaine is always the most effective option.

“We put a heavy emphasis on having a complete and organized plan in place for every patient before leaving our facility.”

However, not every patient has the time to set aside to get involved in these types of programs. This is why we put a heavy emphasis on having a complete and organized plan in place for every patient before leaving our facility. This helps to increase the success rate of Ibogaine treatment. By giving patients a stronger program and the necessary tools, they are more likely to succeed in their lives and stay sober longer.

Affordable Ibogaine Treatment Center

While other clinics have been raising their prices for treatment, at Experience Ibogaine we have kept our prices reasonable while including more options. We believe that plant medicine should be respected, and we show our respect by making Ibogaine treatment an affordable option without cutting corners on safety. We continue to work hard to make sure our Ibogaine treatment program is not only the best in the world but affordable as well, so that those who need Ibogaine treatment can find a way to use Ibogaine to achieve their goals.

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Find Out More About Our Ibogaine Treatment Program

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, we want to help. We have put our resources, time, and energy into developing an Ibogaine treatment program that works effectively. Although our major emphasis is safety and recovery, we also want to help ensure that every addict that comes through our door has the highest chance for long-term success.