Ibogaine aftercare is an extremely important and integral part of the overall recover process from drug and alcohol addiction. For many patients, aftercare can be the key factor in finding success after treatment. 

Although Experience Ibogaine does not currently offer our own branded aftercare options, here are some of the aftercare options that we recommend–and what makes them effective.

Attending an Aftercare Facility

Attending a physical aftercare facility is the most effective after-Ibogaine option available today. Places like Root Recovery in Austin, TX offer integrative, non-AA, one month to one year program options to help those recovering from addiction to move forward greater chance of success. 

There are many different options to choose from, however, we recommend looking for a center with a licensed, seasoned, therapist on staff. This is often the most important factor in a full recovery.

Along with a therapist, having fun, educational activities allows for social and personal integration. Learning how to build habits building and plan for the future are also helpful for overall growth and recovery after Ibogaine. 

Aftercare allows the individual to begin to learn and shape their life into something meaningful. We highly recommend anyone recovering from addiction to attend an aftercare facility after Ibogaine treatment.

Phone Therapy – Coaching

The next alternative is phone therapy or phone coaching after Ibogaine treatment. We recommend Jonathan and Ceiba Ibogaine, however, there are a few different options out there for you to explore.

With aftercare coaching, individuals are able to meet with a licensed therapist, over the phone, and continue to work through issues, find more meaningful personal growth, and learn and integrate from the Ibogaine experience. 

When looking for a licensed therapist for coaching, we recommend staying with companies and individuals that have a focus on psychedelic therapy and psychedelic integration. These therapists will have a better understanding of who you are, what you have experienced, and how to help. 

Phone therapy and coaching can also be utilized along-side or after returning from a physical aftercare center.

Traditional Rehab

If you are having trouble creating an aftercare plan that works for you, there is also the option to attend a traditional rehabilitation facility near where you live, or where you want to live. This helps the individual continue to move forward in a safer environment where the ability and desire to use drugs may be more regulated. 

Although a specific Ibogaine aftercare facility is a much better option, sometimes something is better than nothing. A traditional rehabilitation facility may be the best option for you.

Smart Recovery – AA – NA – Other Physical Meetings

For those unable to take advantage of above options, or who want further help upon returning back, meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, SMART, and other addiction based meetings can be an option. 

Although we recommend SMART recovery meetings for their scientific basis, attending meetings in your area, of any type, can be beneficial. A simple online search can usually help anyone searching to find these kind of meetings in their local area.

Online Meetings

As psychedelic treatments become more prominent, online meetings, some based specifically around psychedelic therapy and integration, are becoming more available. These may offer post-Ibogaine patients another interesting option for integration and therapy.

The Best Option – Do Something!

Whatever option you think may work, it’s best to get involved. Staying busy and doing something productive can often make the biggest difference in after-Ibogaine recovery. Take the time to research and make an aftercare plan. This will help make all the difference on your path to freedom from drugs and alcohol.

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