Smart® Recovery

Smart Recovery ProgramSMART Recovery is a science based addiction recovery program that Experience Ibogaine highly recommends. SMART Recovery offers a positive and uplifting experience by focusing on personal successes, rather than on failures.

SMART works in the same way as many other programs by offering regular meetings with members, face to face, and offers comfort and stability for those on the path to recovery.

Ibogaine treatment is only the first step in the process of living a successful, drug-free lifestyle. The combination of Ibogaine treatment and SMART recovery will give any addict the tools to accomplish their long term goals. Treatment without a long-term social foundation significantly reduces the chances of a successful outcome. SMART offers guests a way to empower themselves and their future.

Our treatment program offers the foundations of Ibogaine treatment. We also strongly encourage our guests to develop an aftercare plan that includes attending regular meetings. Whether they choose SMART recovery or not is up to the individual.

Learn more about SMART Recovery here or watch their introductory video below.