Equine Therapy with Patty Bladh

At Experience Ibogaine treatment center we offer Equine therapy from our SMART certified therapist Patty Bladh. We offer this Equine therapy at no extra cost, so all patients are welcome to experience these therapy sessions as part of our Ibogaine treatment program.

Equine therapy provides a fun and cathartic experience after the intensity of the Ibogaine treatment. Patty, who was a past patient at Experience Ibogaine, moved to Mexico to further her work in therapy and drug treatment. We have been working with her ever since. She offers a great Equine therapy program with her horse Bailey. This has proven to be such an amazing and memorable experience for many of our patients.

This is a very relaxed therapy session. During this therapy session we go to out to Patty’s personal stables and spend time with Bailey. The stables are beautiful, encompassing acres of scenic land. This offers patients a therapeutic and exciting break from the beach house and a great place to reflect on their recent Ibogaine treatment.

We appreciate Patty, Bailey, and all the work they do here at Experience Ibogaine.