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Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers only first-class service to all its patients. Our service begins when you first arrive in San Diego. We make it our priority to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Guest Pick-Up

Coming into a foreign country, especially for treatment, can be overwhelming. Here at Experience Ibogaine, we do our best to make you feel comfortable from the moment you arrive in San Diego.

We start our service with a guest pickup. We’ll pick you up from San Diego International Airport and take you through the border to the center’s location in Mexico.

Room Accommodations

Once you’ve arrived at the clinic, the staff will be there to welcome you and show you to your room. A member of the nursing staff will then go through your belongings to check if you’ve brought any prohibited items with you. Below is the list of the things we ban on our premises. If ever you bring any of the items listed, we’ll confiscate them without return and we may remove you from the clinic.

Prohibited items

  • Drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons

Keeping Your Valuables Safe

We ask that all valuables be stored away in our safe. If you bring any valuables listed below with you, we’ll lock these up in our safe for safekeeping. These valuables will be returned to you two days after your treatment is over.

We record all items stored in our safe. We also require our staff to sign the record for each item. You’re also asked to sign the record book to signify that you placed your valuables inside our safe.

Valuables List

  • Wallets
  • Passports
  • Jewelry
  • Money
  • Cellular phones
  • Communication devices

Your Medical Rights Explained

With your belongings arranged and you comfortably settled in your room, we’ll guide you through your medical rights via a series of documents and contracts. After we’re done explaining each of these documents to you, we’ll give you ample time to read the materials yourself.

Once all the documents are clear to you, our doctor will then discuss your treatment program. During this process, the doctor will ask any necessary health information for your treatment. We recommend that you disclose any medical information you have, such as medical conditions, allergies, or any minor health issue. The medical data gathered from this interview will help us plan your treatment according to your needs.

Pre-screening for Ibogaine

Before you begin your treatment, we make sure you’re in good condition and healthy enough to receive treatment. Doing so includes checking if you have any allergic reactions to ibogaine. Certain medications can also have contraindicating effects on ibogaine, which can lessen its effectivity.

Ibogaine is known to be sensitive to other medicines and substances, so we’ll check if you’re taking any drug that can affect it. If you’re taking any medications, please inform the doctor so we can limit their effects on ibogaine. We usually catch these things during the initial application, but we revisit questions to confirm their accuracy.

Ibogaine also requires the body to be in good shape, which is why we also perform a series of screenings to check your body’s condition. We do this for your safety, since ibogaine can be potent.

First Screening

The first screening is done online when you fill out your application. You must fill in your online form accurately. Any incorrect information can prevent you from undergoing the treatment.

Follow-up Screenings

The follow-up screenings happen at the clinic. These include EKG, blood tests, drug tests, and the medical checkup by our doctors. Your safety is our top priority, so we make sure you’re fit enough to receive the treatment. Though the instances are rare, we’ve turned down a few guests in the past because they weren’t compatible with the treatment.

Our Accommodation Process

After the pre-screening, we’ll let you settle in and make yourself at home. We don’t employ strict rules at our center. As much as possible, we want you to feel at ease during your treatment with us.

To make your stay with us worry-free, we’ll provide you with:

  • In-house chef– Present 8 am to 7 pm so you can eat whatever nutritious and healthy foods you want.
  • Housekeeping– Maids clean your room and wash your laundry

Facilities like Sauna and hot tub

– For detoxification and so you can unwind and relax after your treatment

Calling Home

On the first day of your stay, we’ll require you to call your family to inform them you’ve arrived safely. During and following the treatment, we’ll ask you to cut off any communication with family members. This is due to the nature of the treatment. You’ll be required to contact them after the Ibogaine treatment session is completed.

The Ibogaine Treatment

The treatment will start after receiving clearance from the pre-screening. The doctors will then plan the Ibogaine dosage that matches your health condition, medication history, and sensitivity to Ibogaine. They typically do the treatment on the evening of your second day.

Before the treatment begins, they’ll require you to be in a slight withdrawal state and on an empty stomach.

The Treatment Process

  • A test dose is first administered
  • Flood dose is given an hour after the test dose

The treatment is conducted in a stationary position. However, you’ll be allowed to walk around if you feel you need to. Throughout this time, doctors and nurses will continuously monitor your condition, as well as your heart rate via a heart rate monitor.

Treatment Plan Schedule (For 5 Day Treatment)

  • Day 1 – Arrival and Pre-screening
  • Day 2 – Ibogaine Treatment
  • Day 3 – Grey Day – Usually Patients Sleep or Rest
  • Day 4 – 5—Group Therapy, 1 on 1 Therapy Options, Aftercare Planning
  • Day 5 – Departure

After the Treatment

The first day after treatment is called the “grey day.” Many patients rest, use the hub or sauna, and eat smoothies and vitamins to help the recovery process. During this time, you’ll probably feel extremely worn out and cloudy. While you’re experiencing the grey day, you’ll remain under the supervision of the doctors until cleared. The medical team usually includes a few relaxing activities during the grey day to help you feel at ease.

What the Experience is Like

Ibogaine brings about varying experiences for each patient. Some experiences are psychedelic and extreme while others aren’t. Sometimes people see their entire lives, while others reflect on the cause of their addiction, and some feel euphoric. Your experience during the treatment will be different from other people. No matter what the situation, this is the best time to reflect on yourself, your life, and the future you want.

This time can often help you create ways to prevent yourself from using substances. We recommend that you write as much as you can to create a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish with your life after ibogaine treatment.

Aftercare Planning

Ibogaine treatment is a very effective detox. However, we recommend you attend an aftercare facility or a traditional rehab. You can also stay with a sober and uplifting family member outside of your hometown.

We can help you with this plan. However, ultimately these decisions are up to you. Group therapy at the clinic is one way we can help. Our therapist also offers one-on-one therapy. These are just a few ways you can plan for a full and effective recovery after ibogaine.

Just like how athletes need to work out to stay fit, recovery takes a daily, concerted effort centered around self-care. Having an aftercare plan is your guide, like a map, as you make your way to complete recovery.

Aftercare planning continues with the rest of your stay with us. We want to help you create a plan that’s fit for your unique needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to help you experience success after leaving our clinic.

Leaving the Clinic

With your treatment and aftercare plan complete, you’ll then create a travel plan for yourself. On your last day, the staff will bid you farewell. We’ll drive you back to the San Diego International Airport, where you’ll board your return flight.

Becoming Like Family

Our guests become like family to us. Many of the guests still stay in contact with us through social media sites like Facebook. Others stay in contact through calls. Please reach out to us and let us know how we can help. We want to help you move on to a better life in any way we can.

Our therapist also offers coaching for those looking for more support after leaving the clinic.

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