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Ibogaine is a revolutionary plant-based therapy that has shown remarkable results in treating addiction. Our expert medical team, experienced in Ibogaine treatment protocols, combines cutting-edge science with compassionate care to provide you with a life-changing journey towards recovery.

Breaking Chains with Ibogaine

A Revolutionary Approach to Addiction

Exploring the Power of Ibogaine in Conquering Substance Dependence


Heroin, an opioid drug made from morphine, a natural substance extracted from the seed pod of various opium poppy plants, is notorious for its strong addictive qualities. The Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center specializes in the utilization of ibogaine, a natural psychedelic, to address this challenging addiction. The ibogaine treatment functions by restructuring the brain's opiate receptors, easing withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and helping patients to confront emotional traumas that may have led to their addiction.

Prescription Opioids

Prescription opioids like Oxycodone, Morphine, and Hydrocodone have medical purposes for pain management, but their misuse can lead to serious addiction. Our Ibogaine treatment program at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers a uniquely effective approach to treating prescription opioid dependence. Ibogaine works to reset the brain's neural pathways, substantially reducing the painful withdrawal symptoms usually associated with opioid detoxification, and initiating a psychological process to address the root cause of addiction.


Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 50-100 times more potent than morphine, is typically used to treat patients with severe pain, especially after surgery. However, its potency has led to a wave of addiction and overdose fatalities, especially when illicitly produced and mixed with other drugs like heroin. The Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center incorporates ibogaine treatment in their approach to combat Fentanyl addiction. Ibogaine, by interacting with the brain's opioid receptors, helps to alleviate the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with Fentanyl detoxification. Furthermore, it assists in the emotional healing process by enabling introspection and psychological insight into the origins of the addiction, providing a chance for long-term recovery and a life free from dependence on Fentanyl.


Methamphetamine, often simply known as "meth," is a potent and highly addictive stimulant. Our ibogaine treatment approach at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center offers hope to those suffering from meth addiction. The treatment targets the neurological and psychological aspects of the addiction, helping to alleviate cravings and reorient the brain's reward system. Additionally, the introspective qualities of ibogaine provide an opportunity for patients to confront and resolve underlying emotional traumas. This comprehensive approach to meth addiction treatment has proven to be highly effective in helping patients achieve long-term recovery.


Cocaine, a powerful stimulant drug, creates intense feelings of energy and euphoria in users but also leads to dangerous physical and mental health risks, including addiction. Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center employs ibogaine in a comprehensive treatment plan for cocaine addiction. Ibogaine acts on various neurotransmitter systems within the brain, resetting drug-induced alterations and helping patients overcome the deep-rooted psychological aspects of their addiction.


Alcohol addiction is a widespread problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Alcohol's easy accessibility and societal acceptance can make it one of the toughest addictions to overcome. At Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center, we use ibogaine to assist patients in overcoming this dependency. Ibogaine aids in mitigating withdrawal symptoms and provides introspective experiences that allow patients to deal with the underlying emotional issues that fuel their addiction.

Why choose Experience Ibogaine's revolutionary Ibogaine Treatment Program?

At Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center, we understand that overcoming addiction isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We incorporate unique, personalized, and effective methods like the Ibogaine treatment to help you rebuild your life from addiction.

  • Comprehensive Approach: Our personalized treatment programs address the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of addiction, offering holistic healing for lasting results.
  • Expert Medical Team: Trust in the hands of our highly skilled doctors, nurses, and therapists, who guide you through every step of your recovery journey, ensuring your safety and comfort.
  • Luxurious Facilities: Experience the utmost comfort and tranquility in our modern, upscale treatment center designed to promote relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation.
  • Individualized Care: We recognize that each person's journey is unique. Our tailored treatment plans are crafted to address your specific needs, promoting personal growth and long-term sobriety.
  • Continuum of Care: Our support doesn't end after your treatment. We offer comprehensive aftercare programs and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition into a fulfilling, addiction-free life.

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The Founder of Experience Ibogaine

Aeden-Smith Aeharn

OurFounder Aeden-Smith Aeharn
Aeden-Smith Aeharn
CEO of Experience Ibogaine

Hi, My name is Aeden.

I was a heroin addict (among other drugs) during my teenage years. My parents spent loads of money shipping me all around the country to different rehabs—none of which actually worked long-term. I would get clean for a couple of months, then somehow end up neck deep in addiction, not knowing how I got back there. It was cyclical, and no matter what I did I just couldn’t break it. The time came where my parents suggested Suboxone or Methadone I had seen it become a lifelong crutch for friends, and getting off of it seemed just as difficult as heroin.

One day, out of desperate and intense internet searching, I came across this alternative method called Ibogaine treatment. It was something different, something I hadn’t tried, and it seemed to work for many of those who said they had tried it. I decided to give it a try. I thought, “if it works, great! If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.” I really didn’t have any more options to try. I came to Mexico in November of 2012. I was very uncertain and skeptical, but I tried to keep an open mind. My parents worried for me so much—they could only take so many years of my abuse. My dad told me this was my last chance. That scared me. If this didn’t work, I was on my own. I began the Ibogaine treatment for my heroin addiction the same day I arrived in Mexico After taking ibogaine I had visions about my life and who I was as a person. Many of the things I saw were hard, things I didn’t want to look at, acknowledge, or accept. It showed me how I treated myself and those closest to me. I could begin to see what I was running from and trying to mask with drugs—things I’m still changing in myself to this day. I felt so awful about what I had done in my past, but at the end of my experience the medicine helped me understand that, even after everything I had done to my family and myself, I still had another chance to change. When I got out of bed the next day I remember looking at the sunrise. The ocean was there just staring at me. It was beautiful. The world, which I had become numb to, was visible to me again. I felt so grateful for everything in my life, to have a family that loved me, to have friends, to have food and a roof over my head. I was just happy to be alive.These were the things I was taking for granted. I felt like a new person, a person who was stronger than I had ever been before I was torn apart by drug addiction. And on top of all this, I couldn’t have had this kind of mental clarity if I had been going through severe withdrawal symptoms. My withdrawals were completely gone, and I actually felt human again.

I decided going home wasn’t the best option for me at this stage in my recovery, So I went to another clinic for aftercare where I helped out and got more acquainted with myself and others who had completed Ibogaine treatment. Eventually, I decided I wanted to work with people who had the same issues as me and help them find sobriety and lasting happiness. Now, over 10 years later, I’ve worked with 2,500+ patients in my time here. I’ve seen the powerful transformation that can be experienced through ibogaine treatment. Ibogaine works. You could call it Mother Nature’s miracle. A healthy dose of skepticism is a good thing. I want you to have your own understanding of what ibogaine can do for you, but I also want you to understand, from my perspective, why I consider ibogaine such a game changer for those who are going through heavy addiction problems. We at Experience Ibogaine are dedicated to helping you learn about ibogaine, how it works, why it works, and how it can change your future. We believe a strong education about how ibogaine treatment works will give you reasonable expectations about what ibogaine can do for you or your loved one. Our ibogaine treatment cost and clinic guide is a great way for anyone looking into ibogaine to understand how the process of ibogaine treatment works. Or you can learn more about our treatment program and what we have to offer. Ibogaine is a powerful medicine that must be taken with precautions, medical screening, and supervision. This is why we’ve put much of our time and resources into developing and training an elite medical staff, many of whom have been using ibogaine to treat drug addiction for years. We want you to be completely comfortable and confident in our process before coming down to Experience Ibogaine. We want this to be your decision. Not your parents, not your friends, not your significant others—yours. Our site is dedicated to giving you all the information you need about ibogaine treatment, the process, and what to expect. And, as always, give us a call if you have any questions. We tailor each Ibogaine treatment differently for each person and we want to help you in any way we can, even if it isn’t through Ibogaine.


Choosing The Right Ibogaine Clinic

A Comprehensive Guide

A Comprehensive Guide

Unfortunately there are a lot of questionable characters within the ibogaine industry looking to make a dollar off of people's misfortune (some owners have no connection to addiction at all). It is important that you have trust in where you are going. We highly suggest you do a background check on each facility, their owners, and their doctors, even if it's just a quick Google search. You can learn a lot from that, and confront the facility you are researching to see if you get an honest answer.

Keep an eye out for clinics who are quick to talk poorly about another facility, trying to use fear to get you to go to them. It's always good to call the facility they are speaking poorly of and confirm with them if what is being said holds any merit. Many clinics will claim that they are licensed, this is a big red flag. Also, ibogaine is not a cure, far from it. It is a detox. It will get you off the drugs in the most comfortable way possible, but there is no guarantee you won't relapse within a week of going home. Be wary of anyone trying to sell snake oil as if it is a cure for addiction, or that their patients have an extremely high success rate.

Success is completely subjective and is determined by someone's will and how seriously they take their after care plan. Aftercare is the key to success, ibogaine just gives you a head start into it. Some places use fancy advertising, or unnecessary activities such as healing bowls or breathwork, or ceremonies that have literally no impact on your recovery, and jack up the cost of treatment. If someone is telling you exactly what you want to hear, you are going to want to avoid that place. Too often providers understand how easy it is to manipulate desperate people in desperate times.

These are just some questions to ask and things to keep an eye out for, there's always more but use your intuition.

  • Who are your medical staff?

    Ibogaine therapy carries risks and should only be administered by a highly trained medical team. Look for clinics with experienced medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists, who are well-versed in ibogaine treatment protocols and are equipped to manage any potential complications.

  • What kind of medical equipment do you have?

    Safety should be your top priority. A reputable ibogaine clinic will conduct thorough medical assessments before treatment to identify any contraindications or potential risks. Clinics should also have emergency medical equipment on hand and a plan in place to handle medical emergencies, if they arise.

  • What is your emergency protocol?

    Different clinics may offer varying treatment protocols, such as the duration of the ibogaine session, pre-treatment procedures, and post-treatment support. Understanding these protocols and finding one that aligns with your needs is crucial. Beware of clinics that offer extremely short or overly aggressive treatment regimens, as these might compromise safety.

  • Can I see the mass spectometry tests from the lab you get your ibogaine from?

    Ibogaine therapy requires precise dosing to maximize therapeutic benefits while minimizing risks. Low-quality or impure ibogaine can lead to unpredictable effects, inadequate treatment outcomes, or even adverse reactions. By choosing a clinic that conducts regular lab mass spectrometry tests, you can have confidence in the purity and accuracy of the ibogaine being administered.

  • Do you have legal business records?

    Ibogaine's legal status varies from country to country. Ensure that the clinic you choose operates within the legal framework of the jurisdiction in which it's located. Clinics should also adhere to ethical guidelines and prioritize your well-being over financial gains. Ibogaine is an unscheduled substance in Mexico so it is not legal but it is not illegal. The Secretary of Health does not recognize it to be a legitimate medical procedure. You can register the business as a licensed clinic, licensed rehab, with licensed doctors, but there is no licence to administer ibogaine in a medical setting in Mexico. Honesty goes a long way.

  • How long have you been open?

    Many clinics will claim they have been open for a very long time, but you can check things such as when they created their website, or how far back their YouTube or Facebook posts go. Some claim to have treated nearly 4,000 patients, which if you do the math would mean they would have had to consistently treate 5 patients a week over the course of 15 years. There's only one or two facilities that have been operating that long in Mexico, and it would be impressive if they had 5 patients, consistently through that time period. Honesty is huge, especially when your putting your life and sobriety in a strangers hands.

  • Reviews and testimonials?

    Genuine reviews and testimonials from former patients can offer valuable insights into the clinic's practices, staff professionalism, and treatment outcomes. However, be wary of overly generic or repetitive reviews as these may be fabricated. You can also ask the clinic for references and speak to former patients directly.

  • Operating Room Verification?

    If a clinic claims to be licensed, request pictures of their operating room. A legitimate clinic should have a well-equipped medical facility, and providing visual evidence helps establish their authenticity.

  • Commercial Facility?

    Ensure that the clinic operates from a legitimate commercial building rather than a residential house. A professional medical setting indicates that the clinic adheres to industry standards and regulations. Look for their logo displayed outside the facility for added credibility.

Ibogaine is far by the easiest way to get off of opiates, it is a walk in the park compared to cold turkey, but it is still a tough process and don't believe anyone if they say you will have zero withdrawal symptoms. People will also claim to use the highest dose because other places don't give enough. Ibogaine is dangerous, and overdosing someone on it is easy. There's no reason to give someone a dangerous amount. When you exceed 15mg/kg of pure ibogaine HCL you start to charter into dangerous waters. It is not more effective and puts you at risk, but some people use it as a marketing technique.

In Conclusion

A Journey Through Addiction
Rebirth at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center

A man once in the tight grip of addiction. Witness his incredible journey of recovery at Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center. Through unique, holistic treatments and compassionate care, Michael finds a renewed sense of purpose and life beyond addiction. Join us for this testimonial video that showcases the true potential of Ibogaine treatment, sparking hope for countless others.

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