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    Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center

    At Experience Ibogaine clinic, we offer safety-centered ibogaine treatment in a luxurious oceanside setting. Located in a private gated community just minutes south of the San Diego border, Experience Ibogaine provides top-of-the-line housing accommodations, including private rooms that are cleaned daily as well as healthy, fresh cuisine prepared by a certified chef and access to a hot tub, sauna, entertainment, and more.

Welcome to Experience Ibogaine

Our premier ibogaine treatment program is headed by 10-year ibogaine veteran, Dr. Paul Casillas, Our staff has more than 50 years of combined experience treating patients with ibogaine. Nurses, medical doctors, EMTs, and specialists are always on-site during every ibogaine treatment we offer.

We have a proven system that has become the foundation of Experience Ibogaine. This is the reason we treat more patients than any other ibogaine clinic in the world. Find out how so many of our guests have found lasting sobriety and success through ibogaine treatment at Experience Ibogaine Clinic.

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Meet Brandon. Before coming to Experience Ibogaine, Brandon was struggling to overcome his heroin and opiate addiction. Like most of our patients, Brandon was a little scared about traveling to Mexico for ibogaine treatment.

After being picked up from the airport and arriving in Mexico, Brandon began to settle in and feel more comfortable. The staff were warm and welcoming, and he was able to make himself at home.

Then it was time for the ibogaine. Brandon’s experience was intense, but it was everything he needed. It eliminated his withdrawals and helped him connect more deeply with his own life and what he wanted from his future.

Watch as Brandon tells his own story.



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  • Everything Included in our "World Class" Ibogaine Treatment Program
  • 2 Day Fentanyl Detox
  • Complete Monitored Medical Flushing
  • Helpful for Those With Fentanyl Laced Drugs
  • Full Treatment Program Following Detox
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  • Our "World-Class" Ibogaine Treatment Program
  • Full Medical Analysis Including Heart and Liver Testing
  • Full Flood Dose of Ibogaine Including Full Medical Monitoring and Supervision by Dr. Paul Casillas
  • Private Suites with Fine Dining and Entertainment
  • SMART Recovery Coaching and Group Therapy Sessions
  • Medicinal Toad Ceremony for Trauma, Anxiety, and Self-Actualization
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  • Everything Included in our "World Class" Ibogaine Treatment Program
  • 3-6 Pre-Ibogaine Detox Days (reserved for those unable to get off of certain drugs before traveling to the clinic)
  • Accelerated Detoxification and Medical Flush
  • Medical Monitoring Until Contraindications are Flushed and Guest is Cleared for Ibogaine Treatment



Ibogaine is an alkaloid that’s extracted from the root bark of the iboga plant, which is found most commonly in central West Africa. It has been used for hundreds of years by African shamans in their religious rituals to achieve spiritual enlightenment and healing as well as in rite-of-passage ceremonies.In the 1960s, it was discovered that ibogaine could be extracted from the root bark of the iboga plant and processed into a substance that can be used to overcome different types of addictions.

At that time, a man named Howard Lotsof, who was a heroin addict himself, was experimenting with various psychedelic drugs, came across ibogaine, and began to experiment with it. Several days after taking ibogaine, Lotsof realized he wasn’t experiencing any of the typical withdrawal symptoms generally associated with heroin addiction.

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Realizing he had stumbled across something of tremendous significance, Lotsof then worked on refining the process and helping others overcome their heroin addictions through the use of ibogaine. He spent the remainder of his life treating addictions by using ibogaine, and it slowly began to gain attention and become more popular elsewhere in the world.

After the first modest successes of ibogaine became known, several scientific studies were conducted on the substance in an attempt to analyze why it was so effective as an addiction interrupter. In every case, these studies demonstrated ibogaine had a tremendous impact on overcoming drug addiction and drug detoxification and could be used safely. No known substance in the world is as effective as ibogaine at overcoming drug addiction and minimizing or eliminating the symptoms of addiction withdrawal.

How Does Ibogaine Treatment Work?

Know how Ibogaine Treatment could be highly effective in healing severe addictions and mental illnesses.

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Physical Healing

On a physical level, Ibogaine treats addiction in the brain by targeting reward pathways that are affected by addiction and cause withdrawal.

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As a drug user puts drugs into their system, a massive amount of chemicals from drug use are flooded into the brain.

When the addict stops using, the brain cannot produce the same amount of natural chemicals it was receiving from the drugs. The addict begins to feel depressed and the body goes through what we call severe withdrawal symptoms.

Ibogaine heals the neurological areas of the brain affected by drug use. By targeting this reward pathway, Ibogaine "resets" the brain back to its pre-addicted state. This helps the brain function normally again and eliminates 80% or more of the withdrawal symptoms that would normally take an addict weeks, or months, to overcome naturally.

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Psychological Healing

On a psychological level, Ibogaine targets past trauma and negative life experiences through the intense psychedelic phase of the Ibogaine therapy.

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Often, addicts find themselves face to face with the underlying issues that have caused their addiction. Ibogaine helps the addict by making them more accepting and receptive. They are able to view their life from a different perspective and move forward in a more positive way.

Not every addict or user experiences this intense phase of the Ibogaine treatment. A certain percentage (about 20%) of individuals experience little psychedelic effects from the Ibogaine.

Another portion (about 20%), have an intense psychedelic experience but do not remember any of it. This is often why Ibogaine is referred to as "the waking dream."

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Experience Ibogaine is located in Rosarito, Mexico only 15 minutes away from the San Ysidro/Tijuana Border crossing from San Diego into Mexico. The clinic provides treatment in a quiet, gated community overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Before your arrival, you will be contacted by our staff in order to coordinate meeting at the San Diego airport, you will be transported across the border to Mexico. Once you arrive at the clinic you will have time to get familiar with the doctors, nurses, staff, and the house.
The medical staff at the clinic has been working with Ibogaine for years, and many for decades. Together have more than 50 years combined experience. Many of them are at the top of their fields, and some even continue to work in ER rooms and in other medical positions when not working at the treatment facility. We currently have 3 medical doctors and 6 nurses on staff. Each of them has an intense medical background.
Most guests will be staying at the facility for 7 days. The first few days are spent preparing and proceeding with the Ibogaine treatment. On day four, after the treatment is finished, patients will spend the majority of their time detoxing and planning their lives after they leave the facility.
Ibogaine is unscheduled in this country; this allows us to provide treatments without legal issues.

Video Testimonials

90% Of Experience Ibogaine Patients Remain Sober 30 Days After Treatment When Involved In An Aftercare Or Group Meeting Program

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  • Heroin and opiate addiction produce some of the harshest physical withdrawal symptoms of any addictive drugs. They also carry a high potential for abuse and overdose.
  • This is exactly what has created the current opioid epidemic in the United States. Ibogaine is the only drug treatment that can significantly reduce or even eliminate heroin and opiate withdrawal and detox the addict in 12 to 24 hours.
  • Ibogaine treatment has the ability to target opioid receptors and help them recover quickly and in a much more comfortable way.
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  • Suboxone and methadone are both long-acting opiates. They work in the brain by sticking to opioid receptors and eliminating their ability to accept opiates effectively.
  • This means the addict cannot get high from using opiates and heroin while on Suboxone or methadone. Ibogaine works on these same receptors, and because Suboxone and methadone block these receptors, they make ibogaine almost useless.
  • Those suffering from Suboxone or methadone addiction must stop taking these long-acting opiates in order for ibogaine to be effective.
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  • Although ibogaine treatment is best suited for opiate and heroin addiction, it can also have a profound effect on addiction to other substances, such as methamphetamine, alcohol, crack, cocaine, and Adderall.
  • Ibogaine has the ability to heal the brain on a neurological level. This means the parts of the brain associated with addiction can often be reset, helping them function more normally.
  • Also, on a psychological level, ibogaine often gives addicts a psychedelic experience that enables them to face their past trauma and deal with the underlying cause of the addiction.

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