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Are you ready to live life on your terms? Experience Ibogaine provides the bridge that can move you toward your new life of freedom. Whether your struggle is with depression, alcoholism, meth, heroin, or opiate addiction, you have undoubtedly done extensive research for solutions that can lead to a pathway of healing, but ibogaine may still be a relatively new idea. Ibogaine is quickly gaining awareness, which means there’s a lot of hype and buzz surrounding it, and it can be hard to decipher the real truth about this African plant. That’s why we’re here—to answer your questions and clear up some of the confusion and misinformation that’s out there.

We’re on a mission to stand out as a reliable and results-driven clinic with a distinguished level of integrity and safety.

At Experience Ibogaine, we provide addicts with the opportunity to begin a healthy pathway to lasting sobriety by offering a cost-effective, customized, ibogaine-based treatment plan that’s done efficiently—with safety as our priority—and is overseen by seasoned medical doctors and support staff.

We’ve made it our life’s work to make ibogaine accessible and affordable to those who need it. Our primary focus is to help you find lasting freedom from your addictions. We believe you have the right to receive ibogaine treatment in a comfortable, comforting, clean, and safe environment that’s conducive for effective treatment and NOT cost prohibitive.

Our upscale, gated location combines the comforts of home with the medical talent you would expect to find at a world-renowned medical center. Dr. Paul Casillas is the head of our medical team and has performed thousands of ibogaine treatments. He’s experienced in ER medicine and oversees each treatment, including advanced trauma and cardiovascular life support. Something rather unique to our center is that every member of our medical support staff is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

All guests have a private room, as well as access to communal areas where they can relax, enjoy the company of others if they choose, soak in the breathtaking ocean view, and find the renewal they need as they prepare for their new addiction-free life. Guests also enjoy high-quality meals that are freshly crafted by our executive chef. We take pride in keeping our facilities extremely clean and rich with a sense of family.

We want to offer more than just an effective ibogaine treatment—we offer a complete experience where our guests can rediscover themselves and transition pleasantly into a new life as comfortably as possible.

We also pride ourselves on our transparency. We want our guests to be fully prepared for what their bridge to sobriety might look like. We’re not going to tell you what we think you want to hear. We’re going to tell you the truth about the ups and downs of the journey and ensure you’re prepared for it. Before beginning treatment, we confirm each patient is medically and emotionally ready for their treatment, and then we customize a regimen that best sets them up for success.

It’s true—coming off ANY drug is hard and often includes quite uncomfortable reactions. Ibogaine isn’t a cure-all. However, for most addicts, ibogaine makes detoxing from drugs much less painful.

You’ll also find comfort in knowing that don’t have to worry about being judged here. Many of us have been there before as well. We want to help you quit dwelling on the past and begin to renew your goals and move forward with successful, long-term sobriety. Our founder, Aeden, is very involved in the recovery plan for each patient and openly shares his journey to sobriety—from being an addict and living in a car to finding ibogaine. He offers patients a sense of hope as they see the joy, passion, and peace that now surrounds him.

The family-like environment allows patients to foster lasting friendships with the staff. Many patients further connect with their sobriety path team after leaving the treatment center. Each patient can attest to Experience Ibogaine’s desire to create a plan that sets them up for immediate and lasting freedom from addiction.

Successful ibogaine treatment isn’t just about taking ibogaine, but also about integrating yourself with the world around you. At Experience Ibogaine, that freedom is possible.

What to expect once you arrive at the airport:

Guests are picked up from the San Diego International Airport by one of our drivers and taken through the border into Mexico. If you need to make any last-minute stops in the United States, please inform the driver (since it’s not the easiest thing to cross back into the United States and the waiting line can take a couple of hours).

Upon arrival at the clinic, guests will be welcomed and shown to their rooms where, for the safety of yourself and others, our nursing staff will make sure you didn’t bring drugs, paraphernalia, or weapons (all of which will be confiscated without return).

  • Guests will also read and sign a series of contracts affirming their medical rights.
  • Guests then meet with the doctor to discuss their specific treatment program and retrieve all necessary health information.
  • After this, guests will be able to settle in, relax, and make themselves at home. Our facility is quite relaxed. It’s not a “lockdown, lab coat, wake up and eat when we say” type of rehab. We want all guests to feel as comfortable as possible.
  • All guests must contact their families on the first night to let them know they’re okay and have arrived safely. After the first night, patients being treated won’t be able to contact anyone until the day after treatment (because of the nature of the treatment itself).
  • Chef-prepared meals are available from 8 am to 7 pm. Guests can eat whenever they want. Housekeeping tends to the cleaning needs every day, cleaning the rooms and washing the guests’ laundry. In most cases, day two is treatment day (see the treatment schedule) and day three is the grey day–which usually consists of a few relaxing activities.
  • The remainder of the week will focus on developing an aftercare plan and reflection. During this time, patients will develop a strong aftercare plan.
  • At the end of your stay, guests will be escorted back to the airport to catch their return flights home.


Unfortunately, ibogaine isn’t safe for everyone. It’s a potent psychedelic medicine. Thus, it’s necessary for all guests to undergo tests to ensure they’re healthy enough to follow through with treatment.

The first line of screening is done online. When filling out the online application for treatment, please give us specific and 100 percent honest answers so we can determine if you’re healthy enough for treatment.

Also, because ibogaine is sensitive, many different drugs can affect the treatment itself. We’ll ask you specific questions to make sure there are no contraindication issues. Don’t worry—just because you’re taking medication doesn’t mean you’re excluded from ibogaine treatment. It only means your situation will require some specific planning before you can be treated.

Ultimately, the doctor will decide if and when an individual is fit for treatment. After you qualify for treatment online, the doctor will go through a pre-screening process at the facility. This screening process is based on results from an EKG, blood tests (for liver enzyme function), drug tests, and through a series of questions about your health.

Once again, honesty is essential. It’s not often that guests are turned down for treatment, but it does happen. Safety and health are our top priorities, and we won’t treat anyone who shows pre-screening risks.

The Ibogaine Treatment

After the test results are reviewed and guests are cleared for treatment, the doctors will formulate the proper dosage based on what drugs the guests have used, how much they’ve used, their health, body weight, and sensitivity to the drug based on the test dose. Generally, guests will begin treatment first thing in the morning on day two.

It’s necessary for a guest to be in slight withdrawal with an empty stomach before treatment. After the test dose is administered, the “flood dose” is then given over the next hour. Ibogaine is a stationary experience. Guests don’t normally walk around or have interaction. Most guests stay in bed for roughly 6-8 hours. During this time, guests will be hooked up to a heart rate monitor and have constant supervision by our doctors and nurses.

It’s normal to have no appetite for the first day or two after treatment. The day after treatment (the grey day), guests tend to feel extremely worn out and cloudy. However, they’ll begin to get their strength back. During this day, they’ll remain under medical supervision until cleared by the doctor.

The Experience

Every individual has a unique experience. Some get visions, some none at all. Some see their entire life, some dig into the root causes of their addictions, and some feel euphoric. However, the experience can often teach individuals something about themselves.

Diving into the root causes of one’s addictions often reveals ways to solve and prevent further drug use. Often it helps people face the traumas and behaviors they’ve been avoiding or masking.

Not everyone has these experiences. The best way to approach Ibogaine treatment is with the goal of waking up free from drug addiction. Whether your experience is intense or moderate, everyone experiences the resetting of the brain and physical healing that Ibogaine offers.

Our facility uses the best in modern medical technology. We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe during every Ibogaine treatment.

In the days following their experience, it’s recommended that guests write everything down and reflect on it.

Aftercare Planning

Ibogaine is only a detox. It’s a very effective and powerful detox, but it isn’t a cure. Long-term success comes with how you decide to live your life after ibogaine treatment.

The most important part of this process is developing an aftercare plan. Our staff at Experience Ibogaine will look over the aftercare plan you’ve decided to follow and will assist in making sure you’re set up for success as best as possible. Recovery is an individual process that takes daily effort to achieve.

The importance of the plan is why guests won’t leave without a specific aftercare plan. Whether it’s a personal plan or one that involves a facility, we consider it our job to make sure our guests are ready for the life they have ahead of them. We want everyone to leave the clinic and experience success after their ibogaine treatment.

Leaving the Facility

Once the process is finished and treatment goals have been met, guests makes their departing travel plans. Guests say their goodbyes and go back to the San Diego airport.

Guests become like our family. Many of them stay in contact through Facebook and other ways. They leave feeling stronger and better than ever. By using the knowledge and skills they’ve gained through Ibogaine treatment in their daily lives, we know they can have happiness and success in life and will be so inspired by their transformation that they’ll feel compelled to reach out to other addicts and point them toward their ibogaine pathway to healing.