Meet Dr. Paul Casillas, M.D.

Doctor Paul Casillas MDSince 2007, Doctor Paul Casillas has been treating patients with Ibogaine. He began his work with many of the pioneers of Ibogaine treatment, in a clinical setting, helping with studies and Ibogaine trails in Mexico. This was when Ibogaine was relatively new, and there were few clinics in Mexico treating patients with Ibogaine.

Dr. Casillas has worked with more than five different clinics over the years, honing his skills and becoming more familiar with plant medicine. Now, Dr. Casillas is one of the most trained and specialized Ibogaine physicians in the world.

There are few medical doctors still administering Ibogaine today that have as much experience as Doctor Casillas.

And Dr. Casillas isn’t on the sidelines. He is present at every Ibogaine treatment performed at Experience Ibogaine. Because, when it to Ibogaine treatment and Ibogaine treatment safety, paying for a medical specialist who isn’t there when you need them doesn’t seem worthwhile at all.

Dr. Casillas is also very decorated and is respected as one of the top emergency medical physician in Mexico.

Professional Background and Achievement

Bachelor of Medicine – Autonomous University of Baja California, Tijuana Campus, 2005.
Recognition by the National Evaluation Center (CENEVAL) as “School of Merit – High Performer.”
anagement of Acute Coronary Urgent Care – Playas de Rosarito General Hospital
Emergency Room Physician – Playas de Rosarito General Hospital
-Medical Emergency Specialist –
 General Hospital of Tijuana
-Medical Emergency Specialist –
 Red Cross of Playas
ATLS Certification (Advanced Trauma Life Support)
State and National Board of Internal Medicine, Tijuana
-Advanced “English as Second Language” Certificate

From Dr. Paul Casillas –

“I obtained my medical degree from the Baja California Autonomous University. My experience is mainly in ER medicine, including continuous training and certification from the American Heath Association in advanced trauma and cardiovascular life support.

“Ive been treating patients with Ibogaine for more than 9 years now, I have found it to be the only real cures for addiction in my opinion. I’m still amazed of how people change after they experience treatment; I see it in their eyes. Every time a patients comes in they look like they´ve lost all hope and, after only one day, everything changes. For me, that’s the reason I love doing this, we have the opportunity to help somebody change their life.”

“I love reading, surfing, mountain biking, playing volleyball, and all around having fun with the patients that come through Experience. I have developed very close bonds to many of the patients that come through our clinic, and I love meeting and helping new patients feel comfortable and safe during their stay here!”

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