Methadone dependence is quickly on the rise. As the medical community in the US continues to push those who previously were addicted to heroin or opiates onto methadone, many of those individuals find they cannot eliminate the methadone from their lives. 

But methadone use not only makes these individuals feel like they are still addicts, methadone itself can be dangerous. Methadone overdose rates are on the rise, leaving many wondering what is the point of switching onto methadone if it is so addictive and dangerous in the first place?

This leaves many turning to non-traditional methods of treating their methadone dependency. One of these treatments, Ibogaine, has been used for decades to treat heroin and opiate addiction. Now, because of how effective Ibogaine is, it is being used to treat methadone and suboxone addiction.

Ibogaine for Addiction

Ibogaine is a purified and extracted drug that is taken from the iboga plant which is native to Central Africa. Ibogaine, when given to an opiate addict, can reduce or even eliminate withdrawal symptoms in 12-24 hours. This is what makes Ibogaine so effective for those on short acting opiates or other strong addictions, it is unlike any other treatment methods that exist.

In many ways, Ibogaine is Mother Natures treatment for addiction. Those who are treated with Ibogaine often experience a heavy psychedelic state–in which lessons about life, addiction, etc. can be learned or interpreted by the addict during their treatment. 

This additional psychedelic element can help treat the underlying causes of the addiction as well as depression, anxiety, and PTSD that can often be associated with the addiction. This makes Ibogaine a powerful medicine for the treatment of addiction.

Methadone and Ibogaine

But methadone is different from other opiates. Methadone, in the brain, works to “block” the opiate receptors in the brain. This means that, if an opiate addict tries to use opiates, the opiate effects are blocked by the methadone in the brain–which can help many opiate addicts stop using opiates habitually.

But because of this, Ibogaine is ineffective at treating methadone or suboxone addiction immediately. Those who are on methadone, if they were to take Ibogaine without first getting the methadone out of their system, may be putting themselves in danger, while negating the effects of the Ibogaine completely. Ibogaine, unfortunately, cannot operate on the receptors in the brain while they are blocked by methadone.

This is why it is necessary for methadone dependent patients to first detox the body and brain from the methadone before undergoing treatment with Ibogaine. There are many ways to do this. Some are able to switch back to short acting opiates before taking Ibogaine, which allows the methadone to be flushed out of the system.

Other approaches involve kratom, where the methadone dependent switches to kratom–an opiate like herb–so that the methadone can completely and comfortably be discharged by the system, thereby making the Ibogaine treatment possible.

In either case, usually Ibogaine can be taken safely 40 days after the methadone has been stopped. This may seem like a long time for many methadone users, however, a proper approach, with safety as the top priority, will ensure the treatment will be as effective as possible and will reduce the risk of complications from Ibogaine treatment or a treatment that is ineffective.

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Treating Methadone Dependence

Methadone addiction can be treated effectively. However, it does take some proper planning to ensure the methadone detox is done properly and effectively. If you are interested in our Ibogaine treatment program at Experience Ibogaine–which uses a well-supported, holistic approach to substance dependence treatment that will not merely exchange one substance for another–give us a call. We can help you determine what the best strategy is to help you overcome your methadone dependence, from beginning to end. When done properly, methadone dependence can be overcome. At Experience Ibogaine, we want to help make that a reality.

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