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Experience Ibogaine Treatment Schedule

Day 1 – Arrival

  • Patients are picked up at the airport and take the 1-hour coastal drive to the clinic.
  • Once patients arrive they will have time to snack and settle in to their rooms.
  • Patients will then have a one-on-one medical assessment with the intake doctor.
  • Sample tests will be started including bloodwork, EKG, and urinalysis testing.
  • Patients will then have dinner and personal time.
  • In the evening there will be group Q&A session with the doctor and medical team.
  • Patients will then be given coaching on how best to prepare for Ibogaine treatment.

Day 2 – Treatment

  • Patients will wake on their own, and then have personal time and breakfast.
  • Bloodwork and test results will arrive and patients will be informed and cleared for treatment.
  • A test dose is administered to patients first to check for allergic reactions and possible complications.
  • The medical team will finish preparation and patients who pass the testing dose will be ready for treatment.
  • Flood dose of Ibogaine is administered by Doctor Paul Casillas, MD.
  • Patients are monitored fully by medical staff and nursing staff for the duration of the Ibogaine treatment process which typically lasts 8-12 hours.

Day 3 – Recovery Day

  • Patients normally wake up late in the day.
  • Once patients feel good enough to eat, they will have a list of options to choose from prepared by our professional, in-house chef.
  • After breakfast, patients will be given the option to take sauna detoxification and recovery time.
  • Group therapy sessions begin with introduction to SMART recovery, aftercare planning, and after Ibogaine preparation.
  • The Cost and Benefit Analysis Workshop also helps patients determine their decision-making process and how to better control their futures.
  • Dinner and personal time will come after the workshop time has ended.
  • After dinner patients will consult, one-on-one, with nursing staff and begin work on their personal aftercare and after Ibogaine planning packets.

Day 4 – Recovery Day

  • By day 4, patients are often beginning to feel better. After waking, patients will be served breakfast.
  • Patients who feel good enough will be given the opportunity to take a walk to the beach and take time for personal exercise and physical fitness.
  • Sauna detox time will be available for patients throughout the day. The pool will also be open for patients to relax and swim.
  • After lunch, patients will continue with SMART recovery planning and after Ibogaine coaching sessions. Also, group therapy sessions will be available for patients to take advantage of.
  • Patients will have an identifying triggers workshop and discussion about ways to better prepare for their lives after Ibogaine treatment
  • After dinner, patients will have personal time, as well as a short one-on-one after Ibogaine planning and preparation session with the medical staff.
  • Patients will have entertainment options to choose from, such as movies, Netflix, swimming, and other seasonal alternatives.

Day 5 – Preparation Day

  • Awake and eat breakfast. Followed by personal time.
  • Patients will again have time for exercise, walking on the beach, and other physical activities.
  • Patients who are leaving home will take time to pack and head out to the airport.
  • Sauna detox time and personal time will be followed by lunch.
  • Patients will have group therapy and then take time with medical staff to finalize their after Ibogaine planning packets and begin preparing to leave the clinic.
  • After dinner, patients will have time for entertainment and personal time.

Day 6 – Preparation Day

  • Awake and have time to eat breakfast as well as personal time.
  • Patients who are leaving home will take time to pack and head out to the airport.
  • After lunch, patients will have group therapy time and finish their after Ibogaine planning packets.
  • Patients will be given sauna detox time and personal time.
  • Time will be given to patients to begin packing and preparing to leave the clinic the next morning.
  • After dinner, patients will have time to finalize plans and for any other necessary preparation they may need.
  • Entertainment time and personal time.

Day 7 – Leaving

  • Patients will awake, eat, and finalize preparations.
  • The majority of patients will be leaving before lunchtime unless they have special provisions or have chosen long-term stay options.


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